I’m excited to let you know about a brand new, must-have affiliate marketing app called Link Bypass that goes live on 1st of February.   This brand new software app allows you to bypass any sales page and then add a custom payment link to any landing page, sales page, or even paste it into your email.

This is PERFECT because you often run across a really solid product, but the sales page is ugly and doesn’t convert well.  Instead of just skipping the product, you can create your own landing page or presell the product via email and use this new affiliate software tool to bypass the sales page.

Plus, the creator of this powerful software tool also has a cool method for landing on launch leaderboards out of nowhere that’s going to blow you away,  and when you get Link Bypass right when the doors open, you’ll get access to powerful training, special bonuses, and you’ll be able to claim a big Early Bird Discount.

You’ll want to use the link below on 1st of February at 10 am EST to get in at the lowest price possible…

What is LinkbyPass Exactly?


Link Bypass allows you to easily bypass any sales page and generate a new buy link with no coding required and just a few clicks of your mouse.

Step #1 – Choose any sales page you want to bypass and Link Bypass will automatically create a custom payment link…

Step #2 – Add your new link to any landing page, sales page, or email with a few clicks of your mouse (Use your favorite page-building software or simply ‘copy and paste’)…

Step #3 – Boost conversions and make more money on affiliate promotions without any hard work required

If you like the idea of being able to profit from ugly, low-converting affiliate sales pages, then you need to get Link Bypass now by clicking the button below…

Bypass Ugly Sales Pages That Don’t Convert And Send Traffic To A New Page With A New Payment Link Embedded. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect product for your list, only to discover that the sales page is ugly or it just doesn’t have converting salescopy.  In most cases, you’d have to walk away, but not with Link Bypass…

  • With a few clicks of your mouse the software creates a custom payment link that bypasses the ugly sales page with no coding required
  • Easily add the newly created link to a new sales page or landing page using your favorite page-building software
  • Instantly boost conversions and get paid!

Promote Hot Products With A New Angle To Boost Conversions And Make More Money

Sometimes you find a killer product that you know will sell well to your subscribers, but the marketing is off…

  •  Use Link Bypass to easily bypass the existing sales page
  •  Create a new landing page or even just write an email with a new angle
  •  Add your newly created payment link and profit!


Send Traffic You’ve Pre-Sold Directly  To A Payment Link. Link Bypass also works great when you’ve done a great job of pre-selling a promo and your list is primed and ready to BUY…

  •  At this point, sending your subscribers to a sales page is just overkill and a waste of time
  •  In fact, if you’ve done a great job pre-selling your list, you might even negatively impact conversions by sending your traffic to the main sales page
  •  With Link Bypass, you can simply send your traffic straight to a buy link right after your pre-sell and make money right away

Promote Upsells During A Launch For More Sales And Easy Affiliate Leaderboard Cash

There’s a simple strategy that Super Affiliates use to dominate launch leaderboards and win big cash prizes that you’ll now be able to replicate with a few clicks of your mouse with Link Bypass…

  • Instead of just hammering your subscribers with the main, front end offer for the entire launch, you can also promote the upsells in the funnel
  • After 2-3 days of promoting the front end offer, you start sending your warm traffic to the upsells within the funnel
  • This will help you maximize your profits, sell more units than other vendors, and put yourself at the top of leaderboard after leaderboard

LinkByPass Funnel

FE: Link Bypass – $13 -$27

OTO1: Link Bypass pro – $27

Step2: DFY Landing Pages – $37

Step3: DFY Proven PPC campaigns Training – $37

Step4: PPCkit Software – $67 

Step5: Affiliate masterclass – 4 weeks of ninja affiliate training – $97 

Step6: VIP offer + bonuses – $297

Real Users Getting Real Results!



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How To Claim Bonuses:   You will find these bonuses delivered in a google doc, under your login details to your product inside your Warrior + Account



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