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Greetings!!! My name is Demetris Papadopoulos, my childhood friends know me as Dim“,  my close friends know me as “Papa”, my online friends know me as “dpapa”, America knows me as “demetres” (long story), and my family knows me as “Dimitri” pronounced ; Thee-Mee-Tree in a pure Greek accent.   I’m originally from Cyprus, and since 2002 I’ve been living and enjoying life in beautiful Greece.

I want to give you a quick introduction to what my website, “” is all about.

I will mostly cover content to help out bloggers and entrepreneurs turn their passion into a business, online.  I will be sharing free content on blogging strategies.  I will be providing you with the best internet marketing tools and programs which will help you take your online business to another level while also sharing my own personal secrets and strategies on how I personally make money online.

My Blog

My blog covers various categories within the online marketing world.  I do product reviews, I write about my own personal experiences as they fold,  I also provide you with my personal educational tutorial videos with over the shoulder strategies through my Youtube Channel.  My job here is to show you what exactly works today in the online marketing world.  Whatever worked for me will be shared with you.


I’ll be Your Mentor

When you decide you want to join forces with me, by signing up to my website, or through investing into the various tools and training i’m offering through my links, then you will get my next steps on what you need to do next, plus, as an option you can also connect with me by sending me a message through the FB Message Chat box you see on the corner of this website for your free consultation .  I will take a look at your online presence/website and identify what you might want to fix, improve, or add.


Homebased Office


Look, I’m a passionate entrepreneur, and I really believe anyone in this world, should live their life, doing what they have a passion for.  I have a strong passion in social media marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, blogging and eCommerce.  When I decided I was fed up working for someone else’s dream,  and seeing that my freedom in creation was limited,  I begun focusing on how I was going to break away from that type of lifestyle.    I always knew I was talented enough, and with the experience I had, i was sure I was going to bring back results no matter what.  It all starts with taking action.  I’m considered an all around marketer, covering all majors categories of this industry.

I was fortunate enough to live in 4 countries through-out my life, places like Nigeria, Cyprus, USA, and Greece. This combined  with my multicultural school environment, helped me gain life experiences, learn new cultures and meet new people from all over the world. Things you can’t really learn at school.  These are considered the most priceless years of my life.

I’ve spent 12 years living the corporate dream, one that involves climbing the corporate ladder, gaining experience in many different categories – learning new things, living fully, learning to be creative and taking on new challenges each day. I Graduated from CMU in 2002 (Central Michigan Universitywith a B.A.A in Entrepreneurship and a Minor in Business .

B.A.A Diploma from CMU

Major in B.A.A Entrepreneurship & Minor in Business Administration (CMU, 2002)

My work experience after university, included being a sales merchandiser, marketing assistant, marketing coordinator, product manager, public relations manager, social media consultant, internet marketing manager, project manager, event planner, real estate agent and fine art dealer.

I’ve worked with companies such as: Coca Cola 3E, Track7Games, Cyta Hellas, Aventurine S.A., Landtourist Estates (real estate) Social Media Consulting (clients based) 

My main line of business, is into affiliate marketing and eCommerce.   I find products, tools, and training which helps you build your business online, where you learn how to earn and generate a monthly income from home.  I show you how the work for my online business, and how it can benefit you.

I have created my own personal training programs and tools you can use for your own personal online journey. My personal flagship training program, is called  Passion Blog Pro which was created with the idea to help other’s achieve what i’ve been able to achieve online as an Entrepreneur and Marketer.

I’m also a CMO to Hydra Lister, Geek Beasts, and Profit Sku, which have to do with Drop-shipping solutions for your eBay or Amazon online stores.

I began to write this blog in 2012 when my life started a new milestone.   I broke lose from the 9-5 system, losing my job was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I had no choice but to chase my own dream.

Where am I now?

Right now I’ve moved 200 meters from the closest “city” beach in Greece.   Since 2012, i’ve been been on this amazing journey as a social media consultant, affiliate marketer, blogger and entrepreneur with great success.    The more I invested in this business, the more I’ve learnt and when i’ve managed to build a sustainable income from Zero, then I decided, it was time that I helped others achieve the same type of results.   I love what I do.  I really do.  I hope the same for you some day.  I really do.


Right Across my Apartment at Palaio Faliro, Greece. (Marina Flisvou)

Earning Money Online

In 2012, I started investing in Online Mastermind Classes which taught me how to build my own website, make money through my blog, and how to master being an affiliate marketer,  which this made me want to help others do the same.   In return,  my passion became my business.

I am known to be transparent and honest,  so i’m letting you right now, that  whenever you purchase from my website, through any of my personal links,  I will be getting paid.  That’s how the life of the affiliate marketer works.

Consider it a win win situation.  I help you, you follow my suggestions and you grow and earn as well.  That’s the role of the affiliate marketer and mentor.   You want to always follow someone who is established in this business and knows what they are doing.  Especially if that one person, started exactly where you are starting now.  I’ve been able to achieve a 5 figure income 3 1/2 years.  I’m about to hit my first 6 figure income by the end of 2017.    Remember, all this was started from Zero.  If I was able to achieve these results, then i’m pretty sure you will be to, as long as you have the right mindset, and belief on how this industry works.

Keep an open mind, be excited, take risks and take action.   Bottom line, make sure you do whatever you have a Passion for!  Make sure you sign up anywhere on this website, so I can give you your next steps , to your own success!

I’ve been in that situation, where I’ve been looking for that easy way out.   I really have spend hundreds of dollars, buying into different programs and tools to find out which one works, and I’ve switched affiliate marketing networks like my underwear, trying to find the right one for me.  I switched around 3 different networks till I figured everything out, and decided to help others as well as help myself build a recurring income online.

Your Next Steps


When you sign up to me, subscribe to my blog you will receive an email with your next steps towards your own success.  You will get access to valuable training tools and affiliate programs that you can choose to join,  and I’ll guide you on how you can start earning money as an affiliate marketer, how to set up your first blog and take your passion online, while also learning about the eCommerce strategies and secrets that are happening today.

Turn Your Passion into Your Business…

Whatever your passion ….I’m here to help you find it and turn it into a business.  When you join any of my programs or use any of the tools I’m promoting, then i’ll be your personal coach and mentor while inspire you simultaneously to help you get where I am today.

Making Money from home, living the laptop lifestyle…. is a dream come true.   I can live anywhere in this world, as long as I have an internet connection and a laptop.

This was my personal dream, and I managed to create one of my passions into my own personal business!   So I decided after 3 years of building, to share my secrets and strategies through my new program called Passion Blog Pro.   Get over  8 hours  of Over the shoulder’s training that covers both Affiliate marketing & Blog Building Strategies .

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Would you like to live the Laptop Life style,

in the next 4 weeks?


I’ve taught over 1,500 people how to start a successful online business in the last 4 years. In all that time, I discovered THE KEY DIFFERENCE between those who make it and those who don’t.  Here’s what I found…

Hands-on Mentorship.
Starting out in 2012 I remember I couldn’t afford a mentor or coach.  Starting out in this industry is tough.   My way, was snail pace because I didn’t have a coach or mentor. I did follow others discreetly but that still took time.  I’ve made it, but it took me a few years.

I knew that working with a coach or mentor, would have gotten me success on that same month.  One thing you don’t realize, is the process.  If you don’t understand the process, you don’t have a chance.

The Solution
I’ve set up a custom system that is my blueprint on how my business has been running online in the past 4 years. It’s been tested over time and proven to bring me a sustainable income month in month out.  I’m going to help you get your business up and running in less than a month.  If you already have a business online, i’ll help you maximize your profits and help you grow while putting things on autopilot.

I’m here to take you by the hand, and make sure you generate your first dollar online.   Once I achieve that, then you’re free to go on your online journey.

Learn more about my Coaching and Mentoring Services by clicking here. 

Networking with the Best in the Industry. You can trust someone who is real. Talk to you inside.