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After being fired from my 9-5 back in 2012, I was able to get started online, through learning various of methods online, which in turn, helped me grow, build, and create a passive income for myself, by learning the art of generating multiple income sources online, ethically and legally.   I’m now helping, hundreds, achieve this dream, since I always see it as, if I was able to do it, then anyone can.   

Online Mentorship

Through this blog, and my youtube channel, I’ve been able to build a tribe of followers who have been following me since the beginning.   I offer, free training, and mentorship through my Youtube Channel.  

Affiliate Marketing

There is a big pie for everyone to learn Affiliate Marketing.  Follow my weekly reviews I offer from various offers, products, training courses, coaching programs, which will help you in your own journey online.  I make sure they actually work, before I show them to you.  I also provide you with free training on a weekly basis.   

Software Solutions

I also have built software solutions to help you in your online career.  Either that be free traffic to your websites and blogs, or creating ads on bing for High maximum ROI .   Everything is inside this website. 

Living A Flip Flop Life!

The motto “Living a Flip Flop Life!” actually came to me when I found myself wearing my flip flops daily since the day I lost my 9-5 corporate job.   I was life secured for over 13+ years, then suddenly poof it was all gone!  But this was a blessing in disguise…

The Autobiography

I want to give you a quick introduction to what my website d-papa.com is all about !

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Want To Join Forces with me?  Let me be the one that will mentor you to success.  

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