GrooveSell Review – Free ThriveCart & PayKickStart Alternative

In this GrooveSell review, you will learn why Mike Filsaime’s free shopping cart offers more features than SamCart, ThriveCart, PayKickStart, Clickfunnels and others…

What Is GrooveSell Exactly? 

Groovesell is a sales platform that helps you promote and get paid for your own digital  products , software solutions or services you are providing your customer with.  But really , it’s not only that.   This software allows you to also create sales pages, landing pages, optin pages, checkout pages, which will help anyone get more clicks and get more sales in the long run.   It allows you to create upsells, downsells, and bumps on your checkout forms.

This product from Groovedigital was created by Mike Filsaime.  A legend in my industry (IM industry) and has managed to create one of the most powerful and most affordable easy to use software for eCommerce and for Digital Marketers alike.

And it’s Currently Free Here.

Yes GrooveSell is Free

GrooveSell is free because of the COVID -19 which is affecting business worldwide.   The best opportunity to start earning money online right now, is online.   This is the time to learn the ropes, and get the right tools for your new online business, or your existing online business which you can grow.  So Mike Filsaime and Matt Serralta came together and created this to give back to the community and the word.

See in June there is a new product coming out which is to me , the new Clickfunnels killer.   They will be huge.

It has a suite of products like Groovepages, which is their world class landing page marketing funnel builder, website builder and it’s called GrooveFunnels.   It has a suite of products like GroovePages, which is a world class landing page marketing, funnel builder, Website Builder.

So what is GrooveFunnels exactly? Well inside Groovefunnels you get  GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, which sells your products for digital marketers and helps you build an army of affiliates.  Also included is GrooveMail, which is a email marketing software, kind of like Aweber which allows you to do email marketing, automated email broadcasts and tagging.

GrooveFunnels will also have Groovemember which is a membership management platform.   Then you also have GrooveVideo which is like Wistia , or even Vimeo.   This is all included in the whole product suite.  It’s all built in one.   So the deal here is that they are taking Groovesell Lifetime access, and Groovepages (only 2 sites you can create) and they are giving it away for you for free.  Yes, that’s right. Free for life. No credit card, the full feature set, every upgrade we ever do.  There’s no games here, folks. There’s absolutely nothing. As they said, there’s no upsell to this.

There’s no game plan.  While we do hope that in the future, you might want to upgrade to our full suite. Of course there other paid GrooveFunnels Pricing Packages.

We do know that you’re probably paying 99 or $199 for other shopping carts to sell your digital marketing programs.  You know the names ThriveCart, PayKickStart, Backpack from Clickfunnels, Grumroad, SamCart, etc.

The only thing is GrooveSell is better.

GrooveDigital Will Never Ask You for Your Credit Card for GrooveSell or GrooveAffiliates

✅You can have unlimited funnels for your products,
✅You can have unlimited products
✅You can have unlimited checkout loads,
✅You can have unlimited affiliates.

Basically, you can do anything you can with GrooveSell that you can do with any digital marketing shopping cart out there.  Groovesell has the best affiliate platform and the best sales platform.

You can get it right now just by putting your name and email address and creating a free account.

There won’t be any upsells at all.  Mike and Matt do this because it will allow them to start a relationship with out. Maybe one day you’ll learn about the company, or maybe you’ll buy GrooveFunnels in the future or now.

You can have a continued relationship inside of the Facebook group where you can find free online marketing training for digital marketer and e commerce.  But the bottom line is:

GrooveSell is something the GrooveDigital wanted to charge $99 a month for just like SamCart of PayKickStart.

And you’re going to get GrooveSell and group affiliate free.  GrooveSell is probably better than anything you’ve ever used.

Just one last thing.  They Are Not Sure How Long We’re Going to Be Doing This
But it’s definitely going to be for at least a few weeks right during this crisis.

So make sure to get free account right now.

If you get in now, you are going to be grandfathered in for life.  They will never ever ask you to pay for anything when it comes to GrooveSell or GrooveAffiliate.

No Credit Card Will Ever Be Needed.  You can use this software to run your business and if it helps you save some money right now.

Check out My Full Walkthrough of GrooveFunnels

What is GrooveFunnels Exactly ?


While GrooveSell is free you can get access to all future products from GrooveDigital for one low lifetime price. With this offer you will get access to 11 different software ins GrooveFunnels Suite plus GrooveKart.

  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • GroovePages for Shopify
  • GrooveKart

Coming Later in 2020

  • GrooveWebinars for Live Webinars
  • GrooveWebinars for Automated Webinars

Coming 2021

  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveQuiz

GrooveSell FAQ

GrooveSell is much more than just a shopping cart. That’s why I gathered some of the most common questions and will explain why GrooveSell is different from GroovePay, what kind of integrations are supported, etc.

Does GrooveSell support Custom Domains?

Yes. You can brand everything starting from your affiliate links, and your tracking links, and your affiliate signup pages and of course your checkout pages!

What is GrooveAffiliate?

GrooveAffiliate is a world-class Affiliate Marketing platform to attract and manage an army of affiliates who will love to promote your products

Why is GrooveSell Free? Are there any hidden fees?

No. Unlike their main competitors like PayKickStart, SamCart, or others GrooveSell is free (at least for now).

Can I use my own PayPal or Stripe Account?

There are no hidden fees and you can use your own merchant account GrooveSell supports PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, AuthNet, NMI account and many more in the future.

GrooveSell vs Clickbank and JVZoo – What’s the Difference

You might ask yourself how does Groovesell compare to other market places and are there any mark up transactions? Fortunately GrooveSell is not like ClickBank and JVZoo. There are no monthly fees and markups.


Will GrooveSell’s have an affiliate marketplace like ClickBank or JVZoo?

The GrooveDigital will create a market place in June 2020 can attract affiliates who are able to discover your amazing products to easily build an army of affiliates and grow your business and make more sales.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for an affiliate marketer to find tons of high converting quality offers to promote.

What is GrooveSell-Payments?

GrooveSell Payments is an optional service for GrooveSell members. You can choose GrooveDigital to process your transactions like ClickBank. That means they will handle all the payments and affiliate payments.

Additionally, they will also handle all the tax and accounting for you at lower rates than Clickbank.

This is especially useful for anyone planning a huge product launch and is (rightfully) scared that PayPal or Stripe will shut them down.

GrooveSell Payment is a solution for anyone who has issues getting a merchant account because of their home country or for people with credit issues.

What is GroovePay?


GroovePay is a service like PayPay or Stripe with lower rates. No one knows the business better than the people behind GrooveDigital. GroovePay will allow you to accept Credit Cards fast and easily for Digital and eCommerce Businesses who appreciate a low-cost merchant account. GroovePay reports that their clients save over 35% by switching to them it’s much cheaper than using PayPal or Stripe.

GrooveSell Summary

In a nutshell, GrooveSell is the best online shopping cart and affiliate management platform with built-in conversion enhancing features like one-click upsells, order bumps, custom checkout pages/widgets/embed forms, coupon management and more.

It’s completely free and I cannot think of a single reason not to sign up for it, even if you don’t ever plan to use it again.

Click Here To Set Up Your Free GrooveSell Account

However, keep in mind that for a very limited time you can get access to all the apps from GrooveFunnels and GrooveWebinars for a one-time payment.

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Check out My Full Walkthrough of GrooveFunnels

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