The ones that are making money online today, including myself, do make it seem that Affiliate Marketing is easy.¬† I do apologize.¬† It does get easy, once you have it set up.¬† ¬†The thing that always scared me, prior to starting my own passion, niche based blog, just like the one you’re currently on online, was fearing of my content.¬† ¬†

Or where would I find content?¬† I was still a little confused on how affiliate marketing worked.¬† ¬†It always seemed so easy in the training videos, but still couldn’t¬†grasp the idea behind it.¬† I still couldn’t believe, that people clicking on my links, and buying would generate me some income online.¬†¬†

Another fear is the thought of building a website, was hard.¬† It’s not.¬† It’s also affordable.¬† I really thought I had to hire someone to do it for me.¬† Since I’m stubborn, I refused to pay someone,¬†(actually I was broke back then), which that helped me actually learn.¬† That’s how I’m teaching you.¬† I went through the hard way, to learn the easier way.¬†¬†

I also didn’t believe I would ever be on Camera, and do any type of review videos.¬† I remember in the beginning, I needed content, and so I found the creative side of myself online.¬† I did start to write my experiences, then that kinda started taking another form, when I started to get a bigger following.¬† ¬†I started focusing more on reviewing products and software that worked for my business, and sharing to the world, what helped me.¬† ¬†See this way, I get to love what I do. It’s hard.¬† You need time.¬† You need to know what works, what doesn’t.¬† I had to go through a lot of products that sucked, before choosing the right ones to share with you.¬† I avoided any negative posts, on products that didn’t work. I don’t like bashing other businesses.¬† So my standard, is going through things that work, and providing my links with bonuses for my readers to get if they choose to.¬†¬†

I also show what’s inside, and how they use a certain product or training.¬† ¬†But let me not bore you, but let me show you how you can build a website, in any niche, and get content, so you can be an affiliate marketer for it.¬† ¬†Valuable training, plus stick to the end, because I have some Exclusive Software Bonuses I want you to give to you exclusively.

So here is my 30 minute, video training, and hopefully, you found it useful.  

How to Build A Profitable Affiliate Niche Website for Clickbank, Jvzoo, or Warrior Plus


What is WP Affiliate Machine Exactly?



Look, the number one problem more people starting out online have is that they don’t have a website that they can send traffic to.¬† On top of that, even if they manage to create a site, they don’t know how to start making money from it.

This brand new WordPress plugin builds you a complete affiliate review site in just 1-CLICK.

Not just that, it also LOADS the new site with affiliate review articles from some of the top products from JVZOO, Clickbank and WarriorPlus – the top 3 affiliate networks with great software offers.

Also – this software guarantees approval for all the offers that are promoted from the site so even if it’s a newbie launching his first site, he won’t be denied approval.

WP Affiliate Machine lets anyone build a commission earning affiliate site in just 60 seconds and start publishing articles to your site without ever having to write them

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