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Want Targeted Fans?

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WP Fan Machine is a new plugin I’m using with my WordPress website. I’m using Facebook fan pages for nearly everything I promote here on my website. So for the past 2 years, I’ve been building several fan pages all over Facebook and hoping for fans to find me, and like my pages etc. When they do like my pages, they actually get linked straight back to my website, or to the direct offer or deal I’ve been promoting.

I would also, create Facebook ads to promote my products or website, just so I can get more “fans” to my pages and website. I’ve been doing well in terms of likes and engagement, but again, these were not organic, but mostly paid.

What if there was a way to actually get “organic” fans to like your pages, without you even doing anything other than setting up everything in like 5 minutes?

A look inside WP Fan Machine

gets you real interested fans to your fan page on 100% auto-pilot.   Does it work?   I’ve been running this tool for the past 3 days now, so still haven’t had time to get major results, but I have seen things happening, a few new likes and some engagement.  I even had one of my followers that got this off me tell me it works.  He started on that same day and it seems that one of his pages is already getting engagement…

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So Other than the fact I made a mistake on my purchase and got myself the “basic version” which wasn’t really helpful to me since I have over 50 fan pages on Facebook, this wouldn’t allow me to create multiple campaigns,  but just one fan page.   So I coughed up another $27 from the Original $16 WP FAN Machine Basic to get the WP Fan Machine Pro Unlimited version, which also helped me install this plugin in multiple WordPress blogs I’m also currently running.  I was also able to install this in my client’s WordPress site , (since I’m a social media consultant) I need to build their pages as well. So this was great example of using it to run my Social Media Consulting Business.   And guess what…It works!

You should know that WP Fan Machine actually uses a tactic that has been used for some time now. NO need to reinvent the wheel, if it has worked for marketers in the past and they were using this tactic I’m about to explain, then this software will actually get you up on par with those professional marketers pulling this trick off.

Now before I get into detail on how this software works, please keep in mind you will need a few things before being able to download and install the plugin.



1) You will need a WordPress site

2) You will need a Facebook Account

2) You will need to create a Facebook App. Don’t worry, its very very easy. And the tutorials inside will help you just follow over the shoulders on how to set it up. Takes about 2-5 minutes.

3) You will need to add a cron job on your hosting Cpanel. Nothing major! VERY EASY!  Again, all in the tutorial videos inside your membership.

Ok so those are the prerequisites to be able to download and install your plugin.

Now let me share a little underground internet social marketing tactic that has been around since the early days of Social Media.  People used to grow their fan pages, by using a specific fan page to go around and like and comment on different posts, statuses, videos and profiles to show engagement in the same niche category. Basically, what they do is they find similar niche pages and post responses to the comments ‘as their page’. That’s important, you have to post as the page and not as yourself. This in turn will make people notice that it was made by a different fan page in the same niche… and some of those people will visit your fan page and then like it, becoming your fans now. And it really WORKS!


How WP Machine Works in 3 steps

After you install and activate it like a normal WordPress plugin, you can get it going in just 3 simple steps…

Step 1 : Add a Campaign

Simply create your campaign with your Facebook Fan page ID and 2-3 Keywords in your specific niche.

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Step 2: WP Fan Machine will start to find Hot Pages for You

Hot Pages are fan pages with a big number of fans and high engagement on the content.  This is where you can attract your fans from .

In the  Screenshot is showing the “Hot Pages” that has to do with the Niche I’m searching For Similar Pages like the one I’m promoting

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 Step 3 : Engagement with the Fan Pages you Choose

WP Fan Machine shows you which fan pages you should engage with, start engagement with 1-click then sit back and just relax and watch your pages get interaction.

When you click “Engage” on the right of the column of  the software, then it will  start engaging with that particular Page.

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Shows me all sorts of results.  How many likes, currently talking about, and how “Hot” it is as a page, meaning if its alive and people are currently engaging with.  Those are the best ingredients to choose a page to engage with.  You don’t want to engage with pages that are not active, or don’t have a lot of likes etc.

Fan Machine Log

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The software will just engage the posts on autopilot. Next minute you know, you are commenting things like, “Nice!” , “Great Post!” , “Great Find” etc. That will make the “owner of the specific page to like your comment, maybe even come and check out your page and maybe engage with your posts etc. Can you see the power of this?


My Final Conclusion

The WP Fan Machine Software is a tool that will make your life a lot easier. Again, it’s not something new, the tactic has been there for a long time, this tool just puts things on 100% on Autopilot. So for anyone who runs some kind of facebook fan page, and wants to build their page, then WP FAN Machine is a great investment into your business.



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