So you're one step before your big decision...
and your probably thinking, why you should choose me as your private mentor and coach?

 Well because I really believe I can help you achieve the same type of results I have.  I'm not the arrogant entrepreneur who wants your money. I want to sleep well at night knowing i'm doing my job, which is teaching you everything I know, I use, and a lot more.  I'm giving you my time and time is money.  I've realized this on my 3rd year in this industry.  Realize this, during the time that i'm spending with someone to help, i'm losing money.  

Why?  Because using my strategies, I basically print money on demand.  

So I could have used that time, instead of sharing you my secrets, to generate some quick cash instead.  So that's why i'm pricing things the way I'm pricing.  

 So with that being said, i'm charging accordingly, however, I'm also making sure you'll generate you your first dollar online, no matter what it takes, plus send you some free traffic your way using my own personal software called Trafficzion.
I'll be coaching you and mentoring you until you achieve your first results.   You won't find this type of deal anywhere else.  I'm here for the newcomers in this industry.  Know this, sometimes the big boys and so called guru's won't give you the time..  
With this Coaching Program I'm also offering you all my flagship products for free.  

All of them are evergreen and basically they will be your foundation to your business online.  It's really that simple. You get me, my programs,   Passion Blog Pro, Flip Flop Profits GB Cracked and Passion Tube Profits , Trafficzion and Beats- Bytes  are the Training Courses and Software you will ever need, but i'm also launching new digital products in the near future.  

The best of all, is you get to have 1 call with me each week through Skype or Facebook, where I actually coach you every week on a personal basis.   
Are you Ready To Live The Flip Flop Life? 
Your investment will be going through PayPal, so you will be protected at all costs.  
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