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I Can Not Help you get rich overnight

For some reason, people think that what we do online as affiliate marketers or bloggers, have to do with over night richness.  that’s not the case.  I really hate the over night rich quick scheme of things, so if that’s what you are looking for, then you’re on the wrong page.

My online consistent revenue i’m getting, is currently on autopilot, but in order to put it on autopilot i had to invest in my knowledge, test and fail and my own persistence and belief helped me get to where I am today.  In order to keep it going, it needs daily tweaking and of course work to print your money when needed.    If you’re not prepared to commit for the long run and expect you might not make any money for like maybe 90 days…then again, you shouldn’t choose me as your mentor.


You will need to invest in Traffic or advertising


Being in this industry, it took me long enough to understand that if you’re going to take things serious and create the income you wish, you will really need to save money for traffic or advertising.  You’ve seen those ads promising you free traffic, or how to get rich by having other people promote your products, and all the latest loopholes etc.  Well most do work, but only short term.  You always need to look long term. Just like I did.   You won’t have a sustainable business if you don’t follow what I tell you.  We don’t want you wasting your time, we want you to actually take the right steps to your own success.


There is no Easy Way Out


And there might be an easy way which I will definitely not be part of it.  I now what it takes when you get something for free.  You never really put your passion into it.  If you don’t put your passion into it, then this isn’t for you. You are doing it for the wrong reasons, and I don’t want any part of it.  You are lazy, you want something overnight…and I can’t work with that mentality.  Never will.  I used to have that mentality, didn’t get me anywhere, except for closed doors.

To make this work you need to work HARD and keep a momentum on that.  We call it hustling.  Not hustling on FB.

Here’s what you can expect from me.

  • I will be providing you with free training whenever possible.   Signing up gives you around 50 emails, pre-made for you.
  • I will be able to provide you with Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your marketing right now, for free but you might have to purchase some to use them. Depending what it is.
  • I want to be very trasparent with you.  I will be filtering out all the BS stuff that doesn’t really work, or i don’t think they are worth you time, and show you only the ones I feel will help you grow in your business.  These are also tools I am using in my own personal business.
  • Things I be promoting, usually make me a commission everytime someone purchases from my links.   This is how the affiliate marketer works.  The only difference here is that I’m showing you that I’m using it personally, and what you can find inside before purchasing, saving you the time and money.  I’m doing all the dirty work for you.
  • My promise though is that the emails that have been pre written for you , have a lot of free value to get you started online to generate some kind of income online.
  • Don’t ever consider FREE as not Valuable.  Trust me these are tactics you can use right now.
  • I always provide you with evergreen strategies which will last in time. I really believe in sustainable income online.

I’m trying to help everyone understand that they can take their passion and take it online.  I want you to say that I helped you do achieve financial freedom online.


Does My Stuff Work? 


Well first things first, I want you to read some of my articles, view some of my videos on youtube, and figure out if i’m someone you enjoy watching and learning from.  If you’re gutt instinct tells you you found a keeper, then listen.  πŸ™‚  If you don’t like what I put out, or my material, you can easily unsubscribe and leave.  No harm done.   I have my success posted online . Every successful milestone, up to even opening up my own legit, LTD business, all done with ZERO budget down.   It all started me getting fired from my 9-5, and searching for “how to make money online”, soon right after that.  The rest is history.

Since 2012, after years of trial and error, I finally started to achieve real success online. I managed to create a brand out of myself, in helping others achieve success online.  I have put out Training products where i’m showing others on some of the strategies i’m using to make money online. From case studies, to actually step by step over the shoulder’s courses training you to do what I do.


Here’s how I’m going to Help you 


My main focus is to help you find your true passion and take it online.  I want you to start making money from something you love.  There are many ways of doing this and it will be an automated business once you set it up properly.   I’m going to focus on helping you brand yourself or your business properly so you can get people to trust you and follow you and like you!  I will show you how the online formula works for the long run and how you can get started today.


Your Next Steps 


Before Proceeding, please fill in the survey box I have below so I can help serve you better.   Then head over to my blogging articles and read some of the articles on my site.  If you like them, sign up for some of my free trainings.  Watch some of my videos on my youtube channel as well, and don’t forget to subscribe there too.   Make sure you check out my products section and also my starter kit page where I’m showcasing the latest tools i’m using in my business.

Thanks for reading this page and get to work!


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