My friend Luke Maguire has helped 10s of thousands of marketers with his social media software solutions. To be fair, he’s also made a lot of personal profits selling these tools .  So why would Luke give up such a profitable business for OVER a year? Because he found a better way.


Face it – the #1 goal of any marketer is to make money. And even though Luke’s previous softwares helped all these people do it, he realized there was a huge ‘sticking point’.  You still have to ‘sell’ something to make money. Basically, your income depends purely on whether a prospect will buy. So Luke went back to scratch.  Spent months studying under people that were making 7+ figures each year outside the traditional IM space.

Being Luke, he found a “gap” in what they were doing And how it could be automated and made 100% beginner friendly.  After developing the software to solve these problems, he tested it himself. Then went on to make MORE in 3 months than he had the ENTIRE previous year with his new system. A system that requires NO website, NO list, NO paid ads … and absolutely NONE of the other ‘mandatory’ elements you’ll need in internet marketing. It’s all about taking a tiny slice out of a 5+ TRILLION dollar daily pie, With a software that finds you the most profitable opportunities daily, And step-by-step training showing you exactly what to do.

In internal testing, complete beginners were earning upwards of 6 figures per month with this EXACT system.

Luke’s so confident it’ll work for you. That if you don’t get results, he’ll personally send you DOUBLE your money back.

Now THAT is a risk-free investment. That’s why i’m in it. It’s time to level up. Ready to make some SERIOUS money without all the BS? Check out my video below on what you get inside this beast he created, called cryptosuite.

First Look Cryptosuite by Luke Maguire

What is Crypto Suite Exactly?

CryptoSuite is a powerful software that automates the trading of cryptocurrency for profit even if you’re brand new