As an affiliate marketer that I am, It is only logical that I would want to promote things over social media. ¬†However, some products and companies like JvZoo, or anything coming from JvZoo, usually Facebook blocks the link . ¬†Just considered a spam link. ¬† Facebook has made it hard for us marketers trying to promote certain products…so they keep blocking us from doing so.

I’ve searched the internet for solutions, but it turns out Facebook has basically caught up on this. ¬†You could have masked your links using tinyurl, or bitly as well for free, but that doesn’t’ work anymore. ¬†Same goes for pretty links.

So instead of having to buy a domain and create a link for your “affiliate link” ..I fell on this little program tool software. ¬†PicRedirect. ¬†Create Call to action right on a picture and redirect them to to your JVzoo Affiliate Link without it getting blocked. ¬† ¬†Enough with me talking about it…watch it in action here


Get PicRedirect By Clicking Here