Once in a while, I come across Internet marketers whose methods blow me away in terms of simplicity and delivering massive results that I just gotta share.  I’m not big on ‘hype’, but this traffic source is pretty dang solid and so ridiculously simple that I can’t help but kick myself a little for only hearing about it now.

Meet Chris Winters



he’s a digital nomad and he’s generated more than 25 million dollars selling leads to local businesses using this hidden traffic source.

And he did it ALL without…

  • Google Adwords PPClick
  • SEO 
  • Facebook 
  • Social Media (he hates it)
  • YouTube
  • Email marketing
  • An office
  • Staff


I bet you didn’t think that was possible, right?



Chris runs his entire business … in his spare time.. from his laptop.. while he travels the world with his wife and 3 kids… pursuing his hobby.. fitness.

That’s pretty darn amazing if you think about it! that’s my end goal, not that i haven’t started, but i’m almost at the level i never thought possible.


So what’s his secret?



Chris is a master of delivering massive amounts of local customers leads to offline businesses.

Now Chris is also a master of an “under the radar” traffic source that only a handful of marketers know about.

This traffic source is laser targeted for local businesses, but It’s also mega cheap (think Google when Adwords first got startet.   Right now, there’s almost no competition. 


PLUS, there’s more volume available than you can shake a stick at!


Chris is a low profile guy, unlike myself :),  but I have convinced him to share his exact source of traffic with you on two (2) webinar sessions  Which we have on REPLAY for you right now for FREE.   

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P.S. In case you’re wondering, this method isn’t based on some “hack” or “loophole” that’s here today, but gone tomorrow. In fact, this traffic source is projected to be a 154-billion-dollar business by 2020!

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