I’ve been doing youtube videos for the past 3 years now and I can only tell you that videos are huge.  I’m sure you’ve noticed already, by you being distracted by all those videos you see on social media platforms and what not.   If you’re doing Facebook Videos, or Youtube Videos, or both hopefully, the hardest thing about creating a video is making it stand out with good quality content.  Keep note , what works on Youtube, doesn’t necessarily work on Facebook.

The one If you want your videos to do well on Facebook is to share a video and make it go viral. That way you build an audience.  I’ve been doing it for the past 2 years now using my strategies on building an audience using FB etc, using redirect pixels, and cloning audiences.   Well the one problem was finding the content .  Good quality content.

So things go a lot easier now.

VidBuilderFX is an adobe air based desktop software that creates curated videos by putting together trending video clips from Facebook & YouTube, editing them and then publishes them natively on your Facebook FanPage, profile or Group automatically.

The way VidBuilderFX, works is you enter a keyword and the app will go out and find trending video clips around that keyword from Facebook and YouTube that are free to use, curates them together, then you edit them as you wish and then you can schedule post, or publish them to your Fanpages, profiles or groups or save them for your own use for uploading etc.

Again keep  note, these are videos which you can personally use!

It is very straight forward to use, watch my video below on Vidbuilder FX.

What is VidBuilder FX

Basically VidBuilderFX automates the whole process of finding trending and viral videos, editing them and then publishing them on Facebook.   Facebook is aggressively getting into videos in 2017 and has recently started running ads in-between the videos that you publish, just like YouTube does. They are going to be sharing the revenue with publishers, just like YouTube videos.

Now, as I promised in my review video above, there is a demo on how to use it so check that out here:

VidBuilder FX Review – A Demo Video


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