unnamedFacebook has over 1 billion users. ¬†That just basically tells us, it’s here to stay and yes Facebook is the King of the (social) Jungle. ¬†Generating over ¬†$3 billion in revenues in a single quarter. ¬†If someone sits and analyzes these results you will notice that Facebook‚Äôs business model is completely dependent on its users and the content they generate, however, the information and data you would share on your profiles would get you nothing back when shared.

So here comes a new invite-only social network called Tsu which its goal is to solve this problem by giving back to its users for being active on their platform,  by creating new content, or by inviting other friends on tsu and you get paid.   You sign up exactly as you first signed up to Facebook (if you are a Facebook user)  only exception is it must be through an invite.

So WTF is TSU?

Tsu has a philosophy which is very simple. It goes like this. The Users (YOU + ME + US ) should we decide to create content, on Tsu then we will be rewarded for that sharing of that created content we curated on Tsu.

The way this is measured, is that Tsu keeps only a 10 percent cut of the advertisement revenue generated from a post that was created on Tsu, in a given 24hr period which passes the remaining 90% to its users. From that amount, 50% goes to the owner of the content that was created on Tsu, which is basically YOU. The rest is distributed to the rest in that users downline. So everyone is making some kind of profit.

In order for all this to work, y ou will need to have followers, and enough posts that will be engaged by other users. You know the obvious, sharing and liking etc.

If you want to register, it must be by invite, or by clicking on my account. It’s like an invite. So I’m inviting you to test it out. It’s just like any other social media platform out there, it’s just this one pays its users. And its all free. Here is my invitation to you to join Tsu => https://www.tsu.co/dpapa187

What you Get

As soon as you register you will see a  page just like my profile Page  , you’ll realize that Tsu looks like Facebook. The only difference is basically this is Green colored, rather than the Facebook Blue your used to.

Join the New Social Network Platform that Pays you to Create And Share Content

Join the New Social Network Platform that Pays you to Create And Share Content

For example, you can officially connect your Tsu account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that you can use Tsu to post directly on these social networks ‚Äď a feature that‚Äôll help people spend more time on Tsu while staying connected to their existing social network accounts.

Some extra features that Tsu has is that it allows you to send money to other users or merchants, with a  3 percent fee for the service.


What I think?

Right now, Tsu is looking like something that is growing pretty fast. It’s good to be in it just incase this thing really blows up , and you were from the start. Usually it could mean something profitable in the long run. So you really have nothing to lose but to just sign up for free…on Tsu, and test it out. It’s like Facebook, it’s basically a social network that will be paying you for curating and sharing posts etc. Go see for yourselves


Join Tsu here for Free



Thank you!


to living a flip flop life!