If you are a website owner, product distributor, or blogger, chances are you have heard about  affiliate marketing.


You are an affiliate marketer when you promote another business, site, or product on your site. When you have a new visitor  that clicks on a link you’ve shared with them, and they take action or purchase something, then you will earn money in the form of a commission by that affiliate company that you signed up for.


Before you begin pondering the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, however, it is necessary to choose a niche. While choosing a niche may seem simple enough, here are my tips on how to choose your affiliate marketing niche and start making money online today.


Choose your Passion niche


The primary step in creating a website, product, or business must be something for which you feel a great deal of passion. If you have a product, you need to believe in that product and should fulfill your needs.


If you create a blog or business, you want to have an initial passion for what you are doing, you’ll sound like you know what your talking about, rather than trying to learn what the product is with the hope of making a quick buck.


People are smart, and they will only buy if they trust you.  You need to be trusted.  Show them yourself working on these products, so they can get a clear view  of what  you have experienced with the product yourself.


If not, no matter what you do or how you advertise, your inauthentic vibes will shine right through.

Do Your Research

This is one of the most important steps. Once you have honed in on something that is near and dear to your heart, it is essential to do your research. Find out if there is a market for this product or service. If there is a hungry market, that is half the battle – the other half is finding out how much competition there is out there for this particular market.

Study the competition.   What will make your website or product stand out far and above the other competitors? What is your unique selling proposition? What will make customers flock to your site as compared to any other?


Choose a Sub-Niche 

While it is vital to choose a niche in which you are passionate, it is also important to choose a sub-niche and possibly even a sub-sub-niche. For example, you may be passionate about making money online blogging , Well, so are millions of other bloggers that are interested in that category as well.


How do you break away from that group?  Create a sub niche through that.  For example, I’m creating sub niches in my affiliate marketing category.  This technique is often used by affiliate marketers.   The sub-niche is a more profitable group based in the internet market as opposed to a tangible marketplace because of the specificity required in targeting such a market.


An Online business has little start up cost and can afford and even target multiple sub-niche markets to create a steady form of revenue. The technique of sub-niche marketing is duplicated in multiple markets to achieve the desired amount of income.  I’m promoting different ideas in the same category.


Now you will stand out above the crowd.


Once you have chosen your passion project, done your research, and chosen a niche and sub-niche, you can start to think about the subject of affiliate marketing.


Tying into your niche and sub-niche will give you a clear picture of how to connect and market with other businesses, websites, and bloggers.  A quick way is to get together with a mentor (me)  or  join an affiliate program that I’m part of.  If you want more information on it, just Subscribe below.


 In Conclusion

These are my quick tips on how to choose your affiliate marketing niche.  You can follow my lead, and save yourself the time and effort to find the ones that work.



Thank you for reading my article.  See you soon with more tips and tricks to use in your own  Marketing world.


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