ford2How would you like to unlock your unconscious mind? How would you like to be responsible for creating your own success?   The phrase you ” Create your own Universe” has been around for centuries. We seem to hear it, understand it, but at the same time, understand it. We say “we know” , but why is it we forget about it right the next day?

I’ll tell you why…. Because you haven’t re-wired your mind yet so you can prepare you mind to be aware of everything you think about. You need to be aware of the messages you receive right after your “thought” is asking or ordering from this Universe.

Deciding what you want, with perfect clarity is the real secret that will unlock your unconscious mind to create your wants, dreams and goals. Everything basically in your life.

By creating goals, with knowing exactly what you want will further help you unlock that power you always had in you.  Today I’m going to teach you how to Think and Grow your Subconscious mind.

The Brainstorming Experiment


Let’s do an experiment… Go back when you were just a child.  Let’s go back where you were 6 or 7 years old. Remember that time when you put something in your mind, something you truly wanted. That image alone created the perfect image of your desire and soon later, it arrived. Either be it good, or bad, whatever you thought about back then, your real wants and desires eventually came. They came because you were pure. Anything you asked for was because of desire. Desire is powerful. Everything begins with Desire. When your mind was pure, and innocent, meaning it wasn’t affected from our society, friends, family, the system things moved faster then. You get what you asked for.


powerdoubtWhen your conscious outcomes matches your unconscious values, beliefs, and purpose, all of your internal resources will unleash on the world – creating the universe you want to create.


This article right here to help you create your perfect plan for your desired outcome. Your mission is to basically, do what you love to do.

Re-wiring Phase

Over the next 29 days follow my guide on to how to change your mindset.


Before Sleeping each night, go back into your day and think of all the good things that happened to you.   Once you pick even the one little thing, anything. say thank you for that good thing that came to you. It was you’re doing. Remember. This will make you wake up the next day, looking forward to the next great thing.

There isn’t a day that goes by that a “good” thing doesn’t happen. It happens all the time, it’s just we are so up our a##es that we can’t seem to realize over the drama we created with other things.

Honestly, you do this daily, you will see a great change in your life. It’s all about being grateful.

Make sure once you step outside your home, start saying thank you on each step. For example, if you are walking to your car…each step make it a thank you. Up until you get to your car. Of if you are jogging, walking, or doing something else. Do it 100 times, or as much as you want. You are truly practicing to be grateful. Even though some of you think you are, do this, and you will get more back.

Next time someone is pissing you off, and you see that you are getting angry, change your mindset. Create an imaginary purple bubble surrounding you. See what this does, is it actually makes you think about that purple color balloon, to which it will help you remind yourself, to be cool. You visualize it , and that alone reminds you to take a breather. It’s like your are put to the test. The universe is basically testing you, every time you say, “nah , I’m good! . I’ve changed…then the universe says… “Really? Let us see…”

Remove or try to stop yourself from saying anything negative in that whole month. Seriously, try to not think about what you don’t have, don’t focus on your debts, don’t focus on fear …don’t focus on can’t. Stop the excuses too. Just stop being a brat and take responsibility about your own life. Stop blaming others for your situation. Just stop, accept, and proceed to re-wiring your mind.  You’ll thank me later.

If you keep this up for like 29 days…you will be on the road to great success. Many new things will be coming to you from all angles. The only thing you need to do is be aware on how they come to you, and be aware on when you asked for it.  If you want, blog about it, like I did and am doing with my own experiences.  If you do this, you will practice the belief system you don’t have.  Right now , most of you don’t believe in your own power.  So why not just experiment with your own self.  You have nothing to lose.  EVERYTHING , I have accomplished till now, I realized, it was all me .  3 years ago, I was blaming the world, except….Myself.

The only way you will start believing this works, if you go back in your lifetime, to all the Happy Milestones of your life.  All these milestones, achievements, if you would like to call it, were all your own thoughts you placed while you were conscious, but unconscious when you created them.  You did it willingly, with your own true desire.  You wanted it, and you got it.  Its that simple.  Just think hard of those important marks in your life.

Believe you can

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This is the only way I can make you start believing in this. You will use your own life as an experiment.   You just go back and try to remember everything you got, that you wanted, and how you asked for it. You’ll connect the dots.

So at the end of all that, I want you to write down your desires. You will basically write your goal. I will help you create your own descriptive goal that will bring you riches soon, if you followed through with the instructions in this article.

The Formula

Here is the formula in my example below

Follow my 5 tips your own success.

Write down somewhere the following :

  1. Pick a goal date. When do you want to complete your goal or desire?
  2. Visual Description of what you are Doing (the future you) What do you see yourself as? Visualize it. Feel it. Believe it. Write it down.
  3. Create your own Vision Board. Put in anything you desire, clippings from magazines can work, or just download pics of Google of things you want in your life. Put that board somewhere where you can see it daily.   See it twice a day.
  4. Write yourself a fake check. Put the Goal Date you want it. Be logical, about it, and think about what are you going to do to get that amount you wrote in the check.

Nothing comes to life for free. Your hard work, and persistence will pay off.   This is why they say, you work harder you earn more. Or what you put in, you get out, etc. This works for anything you do in life.   Have this check somewhere you can see it daily.  Put it in your wallet.

  1. Must stop thinking of FEAR. Get rid of fear, for anything. Fear only creates problems. And don’t over think things. Be cool. Allow life to take its toll. Just be aware of what it throws to you, and accept the opportunities that knock on your door.
  2.  Read.  If you don’t have time, make time.  Even 10 minutes in the bathroom can do the trick ;).

TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, and if you do, your unconscious mind will continue to guide your actions to get the result that you want. You will be amazed at what will happen.

My Universe


I personally did this, for a whole month and more.  I had Clooney (my dog) to thank for helping me get into that zone.  It’s amazing what a dog can do to us humans.  They get you to think of your future.  Nature walks, and meditating about my life has brought me to where I am today.  I was able to have the time to think of my wants, my desires, and I was able to achieve every milestone I’ve set forth and put down. I’ve become so passionate about this new belief system of mine.  I wanted my change, and I got my change, together with everything in it.  My current jobs, and project I’m working on, where I’m located, who I’m with, what I’m doing, is all my own doings.  I appreciate life, now that I know how I can somehow control it…my world.  My universe.


Change your mindset, and you will achieve anything you ever wanted. I promise.



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