Do you know what’s beautiful? Watching my business grow….right infront of my eyes…and your eyes.

I remember, clicks on JVZOO (visits) on various products, would be around maybe 50 a day. If not less. Then it slowly , grew, to 80 average a day, then a little over 100, then suddenly… 300 + visits a day TODAY… that means, I’m growing.. that’s showing me my building i done for the past 2 years is online being in front of organic traffic.


My YouTube channel is growing fast, i never bought any traffic to youtube, just wanting to see my own potential in that area…just got my 534th subscriber. My List is growing on all fronts with 900 alive subscribers…. my blog has over 1550 followers….My private mastermind group is at 408 members….and the time is near for me to show you how this is all possible with my first product out that has to do with my own strategies, and how to use the right tools to start building your business from the ground up on the internet. I believe i have one of the most interesting success stories in this industry…and i can’t wait to be in the position to change millions of lives, in the near future. I even thought about being a motivational speaker some day to help others come out of their comfort zone, and accept only the challenge to find what they have a passion for and do that…cause that’s what we are here to do! . ..


I believe i have the talent and passion to motivate and help change people…

I’ve seen it at first hand, and with people sending me messages saying how I’ve managed to change their lives or actually make them pursue what they have a passion for. That’s what my d-papa.com was made…with that in mind, and also to make a living off it. To GIVE to GET…etc.

Life has been treating me so good since I’ve changed my mindset and rewired my brain. This isn’t some kind of theory, but a proven fact that I’ve put to a test and still living it and experiencing my changes as a human being, as a person, as an individual who is really, pursuing the meaning of life and how to achieve happiness while removing the materialistic bullshit that keeps us back and into control….society, religion, schooling system, banking system, working system, whatever media system is out there that is there to tell you CANT Do what you love doing, because such and such….. what a load of crap. It’s all in the power of you, and the WANTS you want to achieve. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You feeling down, come talk to me, i’ll motivate your ass to do something about that DOWNess you are feeling. Life is great once you get control of it yourselves, and understand that you have the power to attract whatever you want in life. I was such an angry young man. I was such a materialistic worshipper of NEEDING Things that others had. I was a jealous prick that i wanted what they wanted, but also judged others for having what they have. I was such a spoiled brat, that i wasn’t grateful for whatever I had in my life….I was such a greedy ass, not wanting to give fearing of losing what I had….I was such a selfish asshole, not caring about the others just myself and how i wanted to be loved by everyone….i was such a cry baby, cause i was complaining about how unfair life was with me……

WELL OF COURSE it was unfair with me.

I was not understanding what life was all about, and who i was. Now i understand….you must love yourself first, before taking the world. You must be grateful for whatever you have and accomplished….first before taking the world. You must accept of all the faults you have done so you can take the world. Now i know why i was, who i was. No i know why nothing was ever great for me back then….Now i know why i had to go through all that. It was a wake up call, for me to change, and finally understand what life is all about. And Now….I’m in my greatest transformation ever, where I will remember this milestone of my life-like it was yesterday, and that will spark the motivation in others to get where I’m going and how I’ve managed to do it. This is why I’m living the Flip flop life. FREEDOM at its core….now its up to me to keep on growing like i have grown in the past 2 1/2 years.

Nothing can stop me….once you rewire that brain of yours, nothing can stop you. You’ll understand about this statement, when you get to the level I’m in already. Do what You love Doing, Focus on what you love doing, and it will happen for you too. Don’t settle for average and routine….settle for what makes you feel like when you accomplish something.


to living a flip-flop life.

(this was going to be a 2 sentence message, and turned into a blog post. Right off my head with no scripted writing or thought. It came and flowed out of my head, while writing.)

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