The recent global pandemic caused eCommerce to go through a kind of ‘Early Christmas’,  and this has affected the dropshipping industry as well, but did you know, it was actually the tipping point that caused eServices to EXPLODE as well…?  A lot of people made a lot of money exploiting the crisis in regular eCommerce dropshipping, its’ what some might call a ‘temporary loophole’ nobody really expects to last.   Right now you are in the middle of the rise of a brand new business mega-trend that’s here to stay.  “Dropshipping eServices” is going to be the next huge Mega-Trend following the eCommerce wave.

  • This is a new industry…
  • This is a new business model…
  • This is a new advantage…

It was doing well before and was set to explode in the next few years.  But the current economic climate moved things up a little,  and now we’re ahead of schedule. It’s exploding now.  Which is why I’m going to give it a lot of attention this week.  Imagine getting into eCommerce, Dropshipping, Amazon FBA 5-10 years ago, before the rest of the market caught on.  That’s the opportunity we’re looking at here today.

If you wish you got into eCommerce, Dropshipping, Amazon FBA 5-10 years ago, you’ll want to pay close attention to this, because it’s going to be even bigger. Now’s the time we’ve been waiting for

The Asigo System

What Is the Asigo System Exactly?



Copy Their $2,079+ Per Week “eServices Store” To Attract & Stack High Ticket Recurring Profits.  With No Products, No Suppliers, No Tech Setup, No “Slow Traffic” & No Paid Advertising!  A Proven Underground Method For REAL People Who Want A REAL Business Making Profit Week After Week.  Look, I understand the need for a bit of flash when you’re selling something.  But times are changing and I feel it’s more important now, than ever, to be realistic.

So what is this brand new Mega-Trend…?  The Rise Of “eServices”

Digital Services – Sold And Delivered Online – 100% Automatically.  Think about how Netflix delivers TV & Movies digitally, without any physical cases being shipped (anymore!)  Or how Dropbox provides storage for files, without a physical disk drive.  Or how Google & Facebook provide advertising, without having anything in physical print. “eServices” has been around for a few years but it’s only now EXPLODING as an industry.

In fact, amazing new eServices are being launched every single day!  And while that’s interesting – what we’re talking about is MUCH more exciting.   Because while eServices can be super lucrative – they are difficult, expensive and risky to build.  That’s Why We Developed A Complete System For “Dropshipping eServices” Instead.


Dropshipping “eServices”

100% Done For You – Recurring Monthly Revenue – You Keep The Profits.  eCommerce exploded after some very smart people developed some great dropshipping systems.

Dropshipping meant you’d make sales and get paid – but the manufacturer did shipping & delivery for you!  It worked, because it removed the most challenging part of the business – making it accessible to everyone.  Amazon took things to a whole new level with it’s FBA (“Fulfilled By Amazon”) program.  You could now sell products on their HUGE marketplace AND use their world-leading distribution network.  This Idea Made Millionaires – And We’re The First To Bring It To eServices!  They removed the most challenging parts (i.e. providing and delivering the eService).

So All You Have To Do Is Follow A Simple System To Stack & Scale Recurring Sales – And Keep The Profit!

How The  7-Figure eService Dropshipping Cycle Works: 


When You Dropship An eService You’re “The Middle Man” Between Buyers & Sellers – And You Can Get Paid Every Month Just For Connecting Them Once!

All the usual barriers to entry disappear in the “Dropshipping eServices” model.  The competition is kept out because we keep these developments exclusive to other Asigo partners.  Free of all the usual challenges, you’re able to focus on growing your business.  So Now You Know The Industry & Exploding New Mega-Trend


How & Where Do You Start Making Sales? 


The Copy & Paste eStore Plus A $10,513/Day eService…A Proven eStore + A Proven eService + Dropshipping.  These Three Core Elements Are What Make The Asigo System The Most Powerful Business Model .  I cannot show you the Live inside the eStore and its automated sales funnel.   That’s an advantage held exclusively for our Asigo partners who will CLONE it for themselves.

We can tell you though, the past 5+ years and over $1,000,000+ were spent developing this system.  They crowdsourced and innovated the best methods and automated everything they could.  So all you’d have to do to start your very own eService Dropshipping business today is CLONE it.



How The Asigo System Works in 3 Simple Steps




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The Asigo System


Friend, you’re just moments away from getting access to all the tools and training you’ll need to create a true six figure business inside the eServices industry.  As you’ll soon see, The Asigo System not only helps position you to take advantage of the opportunity the new normal has created, but also puts the odds of success in your favor. I can personally guarantee that this will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your financial future.  However, as a way of adding even more value to your investment in The Asigo System, you’ll also receive these special exclusive bonuses with your order today…


Campaign Refinery – 3 Month Trial



Campaign Refinery: Marketing Automation That Radically Increases Deliverability & Conversions.  “Finally, Automation Focused On Deliverability & Conversions For Savvy Digital Marketers!” (Without Being Held Hostage By Your Open Rates Ever Again)  Use this software to help you automate the process of marketing your 100k ShoutOuts!


Convertri – 3 Month Trial


In order to get the most out of your 100k ShoutOut Campaigns, you’ll need to have a solid ‘funnel’ in place…

With Convertri, You’ll Create Blisteringly Fast Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, Even Full Websites… And Watch Your Conversions Soar!

Get More Leads With The Fastest Landing Pages You’ve Ever Seen The fully free-form drag-and-drop page builder lets you create any page you can imagine. No other system gives you such flexibility in design, letting you build pages that perfectly match your brand.


CleverMessenger – 3 Months Free @10k Subscribers



Create the chatbot of your dreams in mere minutes with the Drag n’ Drop Flow Builder… Automate your business for growth by having your 24/7 AI Assistant doing the work for you – even while you sleep. Capture Messenger subscribers in 7 unique ways! Qualify leads by having your bot survey prospects. Improve Conversion and Automate sales with ‘Zeus-like’ automations. Generate email addresses and phone numbers right from your bot.  This is perfect when combined with The 100k ShoutOut. It will allow you to automate different parts of your marketing, which will help you get clients and close them quicker and easier!


ActiveCampaign – 14 Days Free



Email Marketing. Marketing Automation. Sales CRM. Messaging. All the tools you need to make meaningful connections and grow your business. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. You need a way to stay in touch with your leads and buyers.  Get started the right way with ActiveCampaign and never stress about your campaigns.


VidBullet Commercial Access



Video ads can be the difference maker between a failing campaign and an ultra successful one. But what do you do when you don’t have the skills to create amazing video ads that bring in leads and sales like clockwork?

You use VidBullet. With 100’s of hours of research based on 1000’s of videos, you’ll be able to create amazing video ads fast using proven high converting video ad templates. No fuss, no messy equipment, and no need to be on camera.

Just point, click, edit, and profit.


Free Ampifire Promotional Campaign On Major Sites To Boost Your eStore’s Exposure



Advertise your website across the internet on high traffic blogs, video sites, podcast sites, Slideshare, news sites like USA Today & Google News and a ton more.

This will help expose your brand to your audience, boost your rankings, and help you get more targeted visitors and new customers for any product, business, or website. A great way to give your new eStore a major surge of momentum for your business!


Access to Alpha Stacker Agency Accelerator Course (Asigo Subscription Required)


In this training, you’ll learn what it takes to start and maintain a six figure agency while keeping your sanity in the process.

The course takes you from A to Z when it comes to:

  • Picking a Niche & Getting Clients To Email You
  • Discovering The Alpha Stacker Keyword Method For Guaranteed Front Page Rankings
  • Getting Clients That Won’t Stress You Out or Micromanage You
  • Using Proven Methods For Scaling Your Business
  • Getting $500-$2,000/mo Clients and Keeping Them

And that’s just a snippet. These same methods have created millions in revenue for others. Plus, you’ll even discover how you can use these methods in areas like affiliate marketing to help you generate 10’s of thousands of dollars as well. (Case Studies Included)


Quick Start Training Video – Get Up & Running in Minutes

While using the Asigo System is pretty straightforward, to make getting started as simple as possible, you’ll also receive a quick start video to help you start getting results right out the gate.

These 10 minute video will get you up to speed on:

  • An overall Step-by-Step breakdown of the Software
  • How to Setup Admin Area
  • How to Build Your Funnel
  • How to use the Lead Seeker
  • How to Follow-up with the (what’s this here?)
  • What to do when your Leads start rolling in


The Top List of Niche’s That Will Prosper During The Economic Crisis

While we don’t advocate for profiting off of people’s misery and ill fortune, we have however identified that the ‘new normal’ has created an opportunity in a number of emerging areas.

We’ll give you the list of all the niches we’ve discovered that’s primed for massive explosion over the next 12-18 months. This way you can position yourself for major success by getting in front of the massive growth in these markets.

5 Reasons To Invest In The Asigo System Now...



If the recent crisis proved anything, it’s how the unexpected can happen at any time.  People stay stuck in jobs that don’t fulfill them, but instead steal time away from their families, stopping them living the life they want – and becoming the kind of person they want.  They do it for safety, for security… but it’s only as safe and secure as the business you work for and that’s completely outside your control.  The Asigo System is your own proven business, under your control.  The risk factors are minimal; no inventory, no suppliers, no shipping, no physical goods.  The security factors are high; stackable, scalable profits on high-ticket, high-demand eServices that can pay you every month, for sales you only had to make once.  You can create security, wealth and a brighter future for everyone you care about.


You’re partnering with a rapidly-growing, highly trusted 8-figure brand that’s defining the industry. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the true innovators of this exploding Mega-Trend.  As we discover new advantages, you’ll get them too. We’ll handle all the backroom efforts, so you can stay focused on growing your profits and getting paid.


As more people than ever are shifting online, traffic and online sales are booming and the baseline has risen. Things are simply going to change.  Just as eCommerce is slowing down, eServices are picking up. The Asigo System gives you everything you need to deploy your very own eServices Dropshipping store… and finally be among the first to profit and gain a real foothold in something huge.


We aren’t short term thinkers here. By putting your own brand on an 8-figure eService and selling it through your eStore, you build an asset.  That asset doesn’t just let you stack & scale your monthly recurring profits, which you can do with even just 1-2 sales per month… it lets you build something you can sell for 2-5x your annual profits when the time comes… and we’re even going to show you how!


You’re covered by our money-back guarantee for 60 days following your investment. Rest assured – or even ask around – our reputation is the best in the industry.  If you just stick to your 3-Task Daily Asigo Routine for those 60 days… and all that happens is you make ONE sale per month… it’s enough to return on your investment many times over.  You can hit 5 figure profits from those two sales alone.  With over 50,000,000+ potential buyers for your eService and 90% profit margins… plus a proven funnel and the best training available anywhere, all that’s left for you to do is show up and ‘follow the plan’.  Then if on Day 59, Hour 23, Minute 59 you decide it’s not for you… you get your full investment refunded AND you can keep access to the training.

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