So I got my hands on a breakthrough new software that helps you clone any page, website, or store in seconds then allows you to instantly monetize it with 1 click. You don’t need a website, you don’t need hosting. Basically you can actually to CLONE stunning hi-traffic websites in ANY niche, to repurpose for your own offers. Watch below my video on how you can use this and benefit from.

So What Is Take It All About??



Our software allows you to clone any page and steal viral traffic from authority sites.  Use this software to CLONE stunning hi-traffic websites in ANY niche, to repurpose for YOUR offersFLIP a switch for effortless, 1-click monetisation with stunning pop-ups and redirects. Enjoy FREE viral traffic and FREE premium hosting for a ‘one-and-done’ solution

Prices & Up-Sells

Front End – Take It: $19.97

Access the powerful Take It software and training modules.

Upsell #1 – MAX EDITION: $67

The software includes “Done For You” recurring campaigns.


$1k System WEBINAR connected to your ‘Take it’ pages.


Upsell #3 – TAKE IT EFFECTS: $97

Get 40 ‘Effects’ to massively increase conversions for your campaigns.

Upsell #4 – UNLIMITED TRAFFIC: $197

Upsell #5 – Licence RightsC: $97

To sell “TAKE IT” as your own product.

Here’s Are Some Key Benefits You May Be Interested In Getting:

  • You DON’T need a website, domain or even hosting.
  • You DON’T need content.
  • And free viral traffic is BUILT-IN!

Take it Demo

If you Decide to purchase Take it from my links below, you will be welcomed with the following EXCLUSIVE never seen before bonuses (see below) which I am adding to your Google Document you will find in your Warrior + Account under your login links to your Product.





Q. How Does Take-It Work?
A. The software lets you virtually ‘takeover’ any website you want … replace its links with your own … for instant authority and viral traffic.

Q. How Do I Use This To Profit?
A. By replacing links on authority sites with your own offers … And leveraging the pre-existing traffic of these sites …
You can turn authority sites into personal income machines.

Q. Is This Beginner Friendly?
A. Absolutely!  The beauty of this system is the simplicity.  All you do is paste the url of any site you want to clone into the software …  Then replace the monetized links with your own.  From there, the software takes over. You get a unique link to share your version of the site across your networks … it’s copy & paste easy!

Q. How Long Before I See Results?
A. This will depend on your niche and the sites you choose to ‘Take’. Although we can’t legally guarantee results at all …
Many beta testers have seen positive results within just hours of following the method.

Q. Will I Need A Budget For Paid Traffic?
A. In most cases, no!

Because you are serving premium content, many people will want to view your site.On top of that, it’s easy to share your “cloned” sites across social media … PLUS … you get the benefit of multiple included features that encourage visitors to share your sites FOR you … for 100% free traffic across platforms

Q. How Many ‘Money Sites’ Can I Create?
A. Take-It lets you recreate unlimited websites for your personal use. Which INCLUDES hosting of every page on all those sites. If you want more, you’ll see an opportunity to upgrade inside.

Get Instant Access To Take It and Claim Your Bonuses


✅Full Access to “Take It”
✅Cloud Based App w/ Full Training
✅Premium Hosting Included
✅Easy-to-Activate Campaigns
✅1-Click Monetization Included
✅Next-Gen “Viral” Technology
✅Unlimited Campaigns
✅Unlimited Leads Storage
✅Unlimited User & Agency Rights
✅10 Extra Monetization Templates
✅Integrated Video Technology (optional)
✅Social Sharing Integration
✅Works in ANY Niche
✅Massive Authority Helper
✅Perfect for Beginners to Advanced
✅USA Based Customer Support Team
✅Low “One Time” Investment
✅ZERO Monthly Fees