I want to share a cool story about a veteran and aspiring online marketer named George Wickens.  George put across a “weird” new method of earning online that literally anybody with even half a brain & a web browser could use and bank with… and he put it together and got going with it in one day.  At the time, George was just doing the normal online tactics that most follow to make a Modest income online.

But then he made Over $95k In Three Easy Months with this new Method. 


And NOW, despite working out of his kitchen (his words), he has now generated over $126,908 in earnings! (FYI profit margins are generally about 100%, so he’s pocketed around $126K)  For just a couple hours a week per week of “work.”

Yes only 4 hours a week. He also admits he doesn’t even need to do that much. And he just proved it.  He recently just had a $12K weekend while he was at an event in London enjoying himself and not switching on his laptop once.

So things are ramping up fast for him

1) In his spare time (He admits to only working 4-5 hours a week)
2) He created this in one day from his kitchen

What’s he doing?

It’s actually STUPID EASY and it’s STILL wide open for anybody to do the same. This is in a $161 billion market that no one is talking about.  And it’s primed & ready for you to claim your share and get your cut.

Would you like to know what he’s doing?

He’s going to be detailing this business model completely for you as a special FREE for a limited time as he is a good friend of mine and I got him to share his Super Funnel with YOU.  Step by step,  exactly how it’s done.

No special skills are needed.  All you need is a web browser and the ability to follow instructions.   Now watch my video below, showing you exactly what you’ll be doing.  But i’ll be taking a different route with this… 🙂 

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What Is Super Funnels Exactly?

You get free access to free training and a free Super Funnel you can use for your own business.  This will help you set up your first funnel, send traffic, and see results.   Perfect for anyone trying to do any type of affiliate marketing online, or just running any type of business, online.  There are 3 things you should understand about this program.  

One The Person teaching you everything, and is George Wickens, and he constantly improves this funnel so it stays ahead of the trend so all you have to do is add it to your follow up and forget about it and let the sales flow in for you.   

Two, Out of my his pocket he pays for all retargeting Facebook ads.  He doesn’t run the ads himself but has a Facebook Ads expert who has generated over $2,000,000 from Facebook ads alone. You send the traffic he chases down those sales for you. YouTube Ads starting shortly…  

Three, he even share 50% commissions with YOU for every back end sale he makes and he’s constantly looking for other offers to add to the backend which you will profit from as well.


His own students have seen results for 2 straight years right after going through The Super Funnel Hero program . The exact program you’re getting access to.

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