As an Affiliate marketer, I need to be aware of the links i’m putting out on Facebook and Twitter.  This is an issue a lot of marketers have when starting out.  They don’t know how to cloak their links properly, and sometimes they get banned or get kicked out of something cause of their “spamming ways.” You don’t have to be that aggressive.  You need to know how to write your ad copy to get people to click on your links, plus you want to be as discreet as possible if you want to do it right.  

I know you’re always running into problems with Facebook when posting affiliate links when you’re trying to redirect your users to your offers.   How about I show you how you can use Socichief to help you basically put your business on automated through cloacking links, tracking and also posting content that people will want to click on? 

All controlled through your backoffice, on a cloud based server.  It doesn’t get better than this to have as your tool in your Affiliate marketing career.

Check out my Video Showing you how I was promoting this offer through Facebook

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What Exactly Is SociChief?

With this software you’ll be able to get tons of highly-targeted, FREE traffic right away and a whole lot more.

What you get inside SociChief right now:

  • It’s 100% newbie-friendly, it’s hosted in the cloud, and it’s easy for anyone to use this to get traffic fast
  • You can post to Facebook AND Twitter all inside the software
  • SociChief has a built-in link cloaker so you can promote affiliate programs with ease on Facebook (something you can’t do without SociChief)
  • Easily search and add new groups with just a few clicks all inside the SociChief dashboard
  • Easily add GIFs and carousel posts to pages you manage with SociChief
  • Schedule posts in the future so you can get paid while you sleep

And a whole lot more. Don’t miss this opportunity for tons of FREE traffic and massive affiliate commissions.

Your  Bonuses For FREE When You Get SociChief Right Now

* Frequently Asked Questions *

What is SociChief?

SociChief is the world’s first all-in-one software designed to make it EASY to setup and automate your Facebook and Twitter campaigns so you can rake in tons of traffic and make money fast.

This works for affiliate products, CPA offers, selling services, or even your own products.

The traffic you get is 100% free, and when you follow the included training and case studies, you’ll be able to start making money as soon as today!

Do I need to install anything?

There’s NOTHING to install. SociChief is hosted in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.

Is it easy-to-use?

Yes, this software is 100% newbie-friendly. The software uses a simple, graphical user interface to make it “point and click” easy to setup and automate your social media posting campaigns.

How EXACTLY does SociChief work?

SociChief is a complete app that makes it easy to put your setup and automate your Twitter and Facebook campaigns.

It’s incredibly feature-rich and allows you to…

  • Cloak links so you can promote affiliate offers directly in your posts (this means you don’t need a website or hosting to start making money)
  • Your links are automatically SEO optimized using the keywords feature, so you can get organic rankings and even more traffic
    Setup a campaign to post on autopilot at any time you choose (this is great for repetitive posting and allows you to make mone while you sleep!
  • Choose multiple Facebook groups, hit post, and SociChief does the rest of the work for you… No more going from group to group posting manually
  • Add animated GIF images to your groups and pages with the click of your mouse (in the past this was virtually impossible to do)
    Works with Facebook AND Twitter
  • It’s easier than ever to edit and even delete a campaign
    Plus, a whole lot more!

How can I make money with this?

Twitter and especially Facebook are ripe with high-quality FREE traffic. There’s massive opportunity in Facebook groups and even just posting in your newsfeed. You can use this traffic to promote almost anything…

Make money promoting affiliate offers… (with SociChief, you can make money without a website or hosting when you use the built-in link cloaker)

  • Sell physical products
  • Promote CPA offers
  • Build your list faster than ever
  • Get leads or even sell your service
  • Promote your own info products
    And more…

Is this just software, or do I get training too?

When you get SociChief today, you get EVERYTHING you need start making money right away. In addition to the software, you also get step-by-step video training, and 3 REAL life case studies that show you how to make money quickly with the SociChief software.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You get a full 14 days to make sure SociChief is for you as stated in our refund policy.

How do I get started with this right away?

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