Did you hear the news?  The SEO game has changed , once again.    The single biggest factor for ranking high has to do with your bounce rate. Basically, the more time people are spending on your website, shows Google that it is relevant, so by being relevant to Google means you get to get pushed up the rankings.   Of course, Keywords are still relevant as they have always been.

Game Changer

The major game changer is based on the fact on how you will be keep your users to your site.  I can tell you a way.  Its easy, you see it daily…

Through the use of Video.   Video is in right now, together with everything else.

Video is King

People spend more time watching videos than they do reading normal blog posts such as these. So if you want to focus on what works right now, I suggest start creating some kind of video content.  You could also use someone else’s videos, but must give the credit where needed.

Wrote this on the road, wanted to keep you updated on the latest news on this.  So that’s why I kept it nice and short.   Value for my readers.

Yes, I’m not promoting anything, just letting you know on some news you maybe weren’t aware.


Just trying to help.  Thanks for reading!


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