Today I want to Talk to you about Ping Sites and Why You need them to grow your Traffic. I want to share with you my Top Ten Ping Sites that I’m currently using, and why it is important to submit your URL to a Ping Site.


You are going to want to read this  in order to increase your traffic and get seen with this free strategy.  Don’t worry, no affiliate links to click on.  These are sites that will really help you get you seen.

So What is Pinging?

Pinging is when major Search Engines and RSS directories, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, have been notified (pinged) with your newly updated content on your website or blog.   Basically, Pinging will help your website newly written or shared content, get indexed and will increase your traffic overnight.

Keep in mind, that you should always ping only when you add new content, or else there is a small possibility you could get penalized by Google.   Nothing to worry about. It’s seriously not that complicated.


Below I have concluded on my personal Top 10 Best Ping Sites


Top 10 Ping Site(s)

1. Google ping

Just By the name you should know, that this is a must. Google Ping is one of the highest ranking and easy to use ping websites out there for your site.


2. Pingler

Pingler is my favorite Ping Site. Pingler is one of the oldest and popular ping site in the world. When you submit your url of your new content to Pingler you are actually informing a large number of search engines and RSS directories that you have new content available.


3. Ping-O-Matic

Ping-O-Matic is also one of the best in the business. Again, just like above, you will submit your url at Ping-O-Matic which in turn will notify all search engines services about your new content.


4. Ping Farm

Ping Farm is a free ping service which notifies Search Engines that your blog or website has been updated. It’s pretty straightforward and isn’t too complicated.


5. Feed Shark

This service promotes your blog and your website by sending a ping to its partner sites. Feed Shark pings a variety of web services to notify all search engines that your blog, website, RSS feed, & podcast has been recently updated. Pretty Cool stuff.


6. Pingoat

Pingoat is a Ping Site service that pings or notifies a number of services that keeps track of weblogs.


7. Bulk Ping

Bulk Ping is Unique Auto Mass Ping Service to promote your Websites and Blogs. A great website and blog ping tool.


8. Pingates

Pingates will ping your blog or website to 40+ search engines and services that keep track of blogs/sites and publish them.


9. PingMyBlog

PingMyBlog notifies all the major blog directories in one go so that everyone knows about your latest blogs. This is a great way to improve the popularity of your blog and make sure that search engines crawl and index your site properly.

Ping.IN is a blog ping service that pings or notifies Weblog Services such as Blog Search Engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated. Thus enabling them to index your blog fast and make your content available for a larger audience.


So How Do you Ping your Blog or Website?

Visit any of the ping sites mentioned above and enter your url into the space provided by the Ping Site you are on.


Click on Enter and you’re done.   That’s it…now go and check your traffic in the next following days.


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