Have you ever tried to signup to run a webinar or a live presentation, then you discover that the price is up to $299 per month and it will only hold 1000 people per webinar. Or maybe you’ve got a software for running webinars but it uses Google Hangouts, you’re scared to use it because it freezes up or delays as more people jump on?

Well now there is a new webinar solution that is here to solve those problems. It’s easy to use and runs through the firefox browser right from your computer. It has all of the functionality of a system like Gotowebinar and more.

This RunAWebinar is sofast, it uses Amazon S3 to host your webinars instead of Google Hangouts. Amazon means that you can hold an unlimited amount of webinar attendees and your webinar wont be effected or slowed down. It’s called Run A Webinar and it has been over a year in development and finally it is going to give you the ability to:

– Run LIVE Webinars Through your firefox browser

– Create custom Landing pages & Replay pages

– Add Multiple Webinar Hosts – Answer Questions & Engage with your audience

– Run webinars with Unlimited Registrants

– Webcam Streaming – Showcase whats on your screen

– High quality audio system

This is an ‘All In One’ webinar software thats going to do everything that you could possibly imagine when it comes to webinars.

Take a look at Run A Webinar software here:

Watch My Live Demo On How You Use Run A Webinar 


Why Get It

So if you want to run your webinars from your computer that are fast, effective and be able to generate results then Run A Webinar will help you do just that. You can speak to your audience, they can hear your voice and get their questions answered. Webinars are such an effective selling tool that Sam Bakker has been able to generate over $1,000,000 through his sales webinars.

Watch The Demo of Run A Webinar Below

Run-A-Webinar Features

Run LIVE Webinars With Amazon

All of the webinars are hosted through Amazon servers. What that means is you wont get the lag time you would find if it was a google hangout.

Custom Landing Page Creator

Create your own custom landing page. You can choose from a number of high quality options to run your webinar or create your own through another system and attach our form to sign up registrants.

LIVE Webinars Run Through Firefox

You can run LIVE webinars from right inside of the FireFox browser. It’s easy to do – start up your browser, login to the system and click “Start”. Anyone can watch the webinar from any browser.

Multiple Webinar Hosts

You can manage a webinar or assign a attendee to be the webinar host. You can have more than one host and assign controls to whoever you want to.

Q & A & Public Chat Features

You can easily chat with your attendees or if you want you can engage in a Q&A either publicly or privately.

LIVE Screen Steaming

You can easily within 1 click stream whats on your screen for your audience through your firefox browser. It’s easy to do and people will be able to clearly see your screen as you showcase your content.

Easy To Use Editor

Effortlessly create landing pages and replay pages within the webinar system. All you need to do is select your theme and adjust the text and images to suit your needs.

Easy To Use Replay System

Replay’s are generated instantly after a webinar finishes. You can add them to a page immediately and send registrants who didn’t attend a link effortlessly.

Unlimited Registrants

Because they use Amazon servers to host our webinars your customers can have an unlimited amount of attendees on the call. No limits – the system can manage it.


This webinar solution supports all languages. Whatever language you want to use it will support.

WebCam Streaming

You can stream your webcam live over a webinar. It’s easy to do – turn your webcam on and you’re not streaming yourself. Not only that – it will also record your screen.

And Much Much More…

There are many more features that are included with this system or being added to it. Look out for more updates on features over the coming weeks.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Finally You Can Make Money Running Profitable Webinars Right Inside Your Firefox Browser Without Google Hangouts Or High Monthly Fees


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