RHIMS 5.0 is a complete guide to affiliate launch jacking, but it’s not just a book. It’s a system for making money, and it’s the only one you’ll ever need.

Why? Because we’re going to teach you how to do what other people have been doing for years: earn passive income from your blog or website by selling products that are marketed through affiliate marketing campaigns.

When done right, this business model which can bring in huge profits.

In order to show my readers how profitable this strategy can be, we’ve included real-life examples of sites that were able to use RHIMS 5.0 as their blueprint for success, so check out my video below explaining more about how RHIMS 5.0 From Jaykay will change the way you do affiliate marketing! 


What is RHIMS 5.0 Exactly?



RHIMS 5.0 is the fifth in JayKay Dowdall’s RHIMS series (Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff). In this edition of RHIMS, students will discover how to add an extremely profitable tool to their affiliate marketing toolbox: Launch-jacking.

Launch-jacking is the leveraging of a tidal wave of traffic searching for a hot new product or offer, and capitalizing on that traffic to attract the most low-hanging sales possible. Launch-jacking an extremely profitable, and extremely low-risk way to earn multiple $1,000s in sales each year by leveraging free traffic.

Students from parts 1-4 of the RHIMS series have lauded JayKay’s no-fluff approach to teaching them to actionable steps that help tie together the concepts they’ve learned in other courses and programs.

In short, the steps that students take from RHIMS help turn their knowledge into real, actionable results with measurable success in making more sales and adding more prospects to sales funnels of affiliate products.

RHIMS 5.0 also includes extremely detailed case studies that walk students through each element that they’ve learned in the main course content and ties each lesson together with actionable steps to ensure they’re taking action.

​​✅  How to find the best products to create a successful and profitable launch-jacking campaign.

​✅  Where to find the best targeted free traffic to leverage into a profitable launch-jack.

​✅  How to leverage launch-jacking into building a targeted email list worth multiple $1,000s.

​✅   How to maximize each sale during a launch-jack campaign.

✅   ​How to leverage 1 launch-jacking campaign into multiple by creating a scalable, and repeatable launch-jack template.

  • CASE STUDY #1: A software launch-jack that returned over 150 sales and over $2,500 in total sales.
  • ​CASE STUDY #2: Another software launch-jack that sold over 500 copies and close to $10,000 in commissions.
  • CASE STUDY #3: An info-product launch-jack with over $3,000 in commissions and over 170 sales.

✅   Bonus cheatsheets and checklists covering each step of a successful launch-jacking campaign.  Complete white-hat and ethical strategy applicable for any niche.

The Complete Funnel for RHIMS 5.0



RHIMS 5.0 is the 5th edition of the RHIMS (Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff) series that teaches students each step along the way to becoming a successful affiliate. This edition offers a unique never-before-seen approach to earning multiple $1,000s in affiliate sales by leveraging free traffic to launch-jack products.

Students LOVE RHIMS! From 2,000+ total enrollments in RHIMS there are only less than 30 refunds total!


Inboxxr is a premium email marketing membership that includes advanced training on how to leverage email lists to sell more, grow more, and become a more successful marketer. No specific to only affiliate marketers, the lessons inside Inboxxr apply to students who want to sell their own courses, etc.


Get the entire bundle of RHIMS 1-4 for just $67 (normally $47 each). Students from the entire RHIMS series will discover how to make their first 100 sales, how to create a path to conversion, how to leverage the affiliate toolkit for lead capture, how to use email marketing to add more sales to their campaigns, and how to use Microsoft ads as an evergreen traffic source. Save $121 instead of paying for each edition ala carte.


The launch-jack fast-track addon gives customers a huge advantage over other affiliates. The fast-track addon includes pre-made affiliate campaigns for some of the top-selling products that JayKay Dowdall has launch-jacked. Customers can use the same emails, review pages, and bonuses that JayKay has offered in the past to fast-track their sales and earn a reputation as an affiliate. The fast-track also includes 5 additional case studies showing how each of these launch-jacks ran and what made them successful.

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