Sherisse is a LEGIT ROCKSTAR who holds the resident seat as the bassist on the hit Broadway Show, “Summer: the Donna Summers Musical ” – living the musician’s dream in NYC! In the past 10 years she’s worked and gone on tour with several of the #1 shows on Broadway. Her story is AMAZING, On how she got to where she’s at – Succeeding in a very tough “industry” – working hard and not taking “no” for an answer.  Something along the lines of what I felt and did when I was starting out.

But, in show biz,  when ticket sales slow down, and things aren’t selling as hot – the promoters and directors jump onto the next show… Which for the musician’s (and actors) – puts them back at square one, waiting on the phone call for the next gig…

So Sherisse wanted to change that and find a dependable income source on top of her passion (being a rockstar) and she discovered SEO and how to rank videos promoting products and businesses.  JUST LIKE her “Rockstar Story” Sherisse had to OVERCOME DEFEAT getting to where she had “success” working her SEO and ranking strategies.  So fast forward to this last February, Sherisse placed in the Top 10 in a successful software launch, and she did it WITHOUT a LIST, a lone wolf.  Well, like – a “renegade.”  She is revealing all in this course she just released.  She showed me and we were all blown away.  So instantly when we got off the training session I asked her, “How the heck can I get you to do a product teaching this to get this out to the masses…?”  Sherisse replied, “Easy, let me share what I learned in a course!”


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