The most powerful medium on the internet is Youtube hands down.  70% of marketers are already using Youtube to promote their stuff, and so can you.  Now in order to get an unfair advantage over your competition, I’ve found you a software you will probably love if you are having a hard time ranking any videos online.

A few years ago, Ranking videos on the first page of google and YouTube was easy as 1-2-3. Fast forward today, and the competition is quite overwhelming.  It is harder to get your video on the first page of Google or YouTube, but by using third party tools, then its a whole different ball game.

There are easier ways to rank your videos online and there is a backdoor strategy that no one really knows about.  You can get instant top video rankings and get free traffic as much as you want.  You don’t even have to know any SEO.  You don’t even have to learn anything about backlinks.   Simple , copy and paste formula who only a few are taking advantage of.

Check out the quick demo video shown by the vendor himself.

Video Marketing Blaster Demo

How Video Marketing Blaster Works in 3 Steps



Find Untapped Keywords
VMB will suggest untapped keywords and related keywords for your main niche.
Keywords that you can easily exploit and that will bring you highly targeted traffic that will convert like crazy!


Autopilot SEO Optimization
With one click VMB will analyze your competitors, identifying all the weak points in their videos and will automatically exploit them.
After a few seconds VMB will give you a perfectly balanced combination of titles/desc/tags that will get you top rankings!


Upload your videos or live events on YouTube and watch the traffic flooding your offers!]





MODULE #1: Keyword Finder
VMB will analyzing all the keywords targeted by your competitors and suggests you the keywords that are bringing them the most traffic and can be easy exploited.

90% Of Marketers Are Targeting the wrong keywords.  They try going for the short tail keywords and that’s a problem.  It’s too broad. So even if they do rank, all the work will be be in vain.  The traffic will not convert.    So by having VMB, it will suggest you all the highly descriptive BUYER keywords that users are searching for on google and are sending targeted traffic to your competitors.   You manually find and analyze all keywords which are close to impossible and would take hours if not days.

MODULE #2: Video Details
In order for your video to get ranked you need PERFECTLY optimized titles, description and tags.

VMB will analyze your competitors, find the best related keywords and generate a perfectly balanced combination of titles/desc/tags.
You’ll have the exact “right balance” of keywords that will make google totally fall in love with your video and give your video instant top rankings!


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