JayKay is teaching people how 2 painfully simply (and ugly) pages are breaking the bank for him – but it’s not his strategy! This strategy was popular in the early 2000’s (link) before a massive Google slap ended it all.

JayKay found a way around that little problem though! Now there’s NO WAY that any Google slaps are going to stop him. In fact, the Quantum Commissions strategy is a way to make constant affiliate sales in any niche with any traffic source. If you don’t know how to get traffic, he’s got that covered too!



I really cannot recommend this program highly enough. For the price (while it’s still cheap) it’s an absolute steal. I can honestly tell you anyone who doesn’t buy this training is going to spend more and more and more on useless shinier objects that won’t deliver this level of results for this price.

In a nutshell: That’s what blowing people’s minds. It’s time to get yours blown too (lol).Trust me, this is unlike any other internet marketing product you’ve ever seen before and it’s focused on taking your business to a whole ‘nother level!

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside Quantum Commissions: 

  • How to leverage the power of this simple 2-page setup that collects email leads and generates sales for you.
  • Why this strategy is so jaw-droppingly simple that anyone can do it
  • The power of massive scalability from this simple 2-step strategy
  • How to use what JayKay teaches with free or paid traffic
  • So much more…

Check out my Video Review of Quantum Commissions plus my Exlusive Bonuses i’m giving away with this great training course by Jaykay.

Check out My Full Review of Quantum Commissions




Quantum Commissions teaches a classic “moneypage” strategy that was popular in the late 2,000s but became less popular as SEO algorithm changes prevented the strategy from being effective. Quantum Commissions teaches students how to use the same modifications I’ve been using for this strategy with Social Media as the primary traffic source instead of organic search traffic…

  • 7 modules of video training
  • Over 20+ videos in total
  • Email Templates to copy
  • DFY pre-sell pages and bridge pages included (only available for Clickfunnels users)
  • 3x Case studies included proving the strategy works
  • 100% whiteboard and over-the-shoulder tutorials





Module 1 – Detailed Introduction & Overview 

Module 2 – Product Selection

Even though you can promote any offer you want from any network, most beginners will be familiar with Clickbank – and I used Clickbank offers for the case studies included in Quantum Commissions.

Module 3 – Customer Research 

The Audience Insights Tool is one of the most underused tools in ALL of digital marketing. When Facebook has information on over 1,000,000,000 users – it’s wise to see what information they have about your buyers; even if you have no plans to advertise on the platform.  This module teaches how to create a customer avatar based on indisputable evidence of where the buyers are hiding

Module 4 – Pre-Sell Page Setup

  • The pre-sell page is a vital part of the Quantum Commissions strategy. Not only does it create viral clicks (especially when using any type of Facebook ads) it also acts as a stealthy optin page to grab email leads and add them to your list…
  • This pre-sell page content video is meant to show you the type of content that is most likely to create viral clicks for low-cost.
  • Your pre-sell page acts as the first page of your 2-step funnel, and it’s vital that you collect email leads to add those subscribers to your autoresponder and follow-up with them to grab additional sales.
  • Your pre-sell page must use these legal pages to both protect you as an affiliate, and also to ensure that you are compliant with Facebook’s advertising policies (if you’re choosing to advertise on Facebook.

Module 5 – The Bridge Page Setup

  • Your bridge page acts as the salespage for the product you want to earn commissions from, and as such there are certain elements that make as successful as possible. This video will explain where the Bridge Page fits into the funnel, and the elements that make a great bridge page!
  • To add the Video Sales Letter from your affiliate product to your bridge page, you will need to jump through a few small hoops – but it’s definitely worth it for the added conversions you will see by having it hosted on your bridge page.
  • Customizing your affiliate link to send traffic straight to the affiliate checkout page, is a great option. However, if you’re selling a product that’s not hosted on Clickbank you can definitely use a traditional affiliate link that goes directly to the salespage at this point.

Module 6 – Email Optin

  • Using email marketing to capture additional sales is a VITAL part of affiliate marketing since not all of your traffic will be motivated to buy at the exact moment they land on the bridge page. Using email marketing you can send traffic back to your bridge page right away, and even cultivate a relationship that allows you to sell other affiliate products directly to this email list.
  • This tutorial will show you how to connect your optin page to your autoresponder, and then create the redirect that sends traffic back over to your bridge page.

Module 7 – Traffic

  • This short video is a quick refresher on the Audience Insights Tool and will also show you a helpful way to export your audience from this tool into Facebook Ads Manager
  • Even though Facebook ads can be intimidating, using this service is like any other process – once you have a routine that works, you can easily replicate and scale for more results. Learning how to master this cheap clicks strategy is vital to your success as an internet marketer as well as with the Quantum Commissons strategy.
  • Your ad creative – the thing people see when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed – is a vitally important element within the Quantum Commissions strategy. It’s also a vital rule to learn what makes cheap Facebook ads possible and how you can capitalize on human behavior to increase clicks and decrease costs.
  • Facebook ads are deceptively simple to create – much easier than any Google Ads in fact. In this video I’ll walk you through the entire process required to create your Facebook ads and how to submit them for review to go live!
  • INCLUDED BONUSES (all bonuses will be available in the members area before launch):
  • 3x Case Studies that show the result of following everything in the previous 7 modules (note for reviewers; this content requires re-recording because of audio issues)
  • Done-For-You Email Templates with simple fill-in-the-blank options suitable for most niches.
  • Free Traffic tutorials to avoid using Facebook ads if your audience is averted to paid traffic
  • Direct access to JayKay for support (provided via FB group)

OTO 1 : Inboxxer

Inboxxr is my personal email marketing membership program which teaches students how to create sales emails, engaging content, and more. Since Quantum Commissions teaches students how to add subscribers to their email list, this is a valuable discounted upsell in the funnel – At the release of Quantum Commissions, Inboxxr will be $47/mth so students save over $15/mth by taking advantage of this unique upsell.


OTO 2 : Flux Capacity Traffic 

This. Is. Awesome.

Flux-Capacity Traffic teaches students how to use the same simple low-cost FB retargeting strategy used by Frank Kern, Amy Porterfield, Russell Brunson, Anik Singal, Sam Ovens, Alex Becker, Tai Lopez and more to bring targeted traffic back to the moneypage that students build inside the Front-End training.

This is also applicable for any type of retargeting, any type of funnel, and any type of experience level.

Only 100 spots are available for this training to increase scarcity on the salespage




What is Quantum Commissions?
Quantum Commissions is a training course designed to teach you an evergreen affiliate marketing strategy that teaches you how to make sales, how to build an email list, how to get traffic, and more. There is no software to learn, install, or update.

Is This REALLY Beginner Friendly?
Yes! Even though this is used by myself, guru-marketers, veterans, and advanced techhies – it’s actually VERY simple to setup. Even if you’ve never made a dollar online before, I will be holding your hand through every single step of the process.

How Long Until I Make Money?
I have no idea about your experience, work-ethic, or skills so I cannot answer that. However, if you follow all the training and have ZERO experience it’s not unrealistic to expect your first sale to come in the first day or two after completing the training.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes! You can get every penny back within 30 days of your original purchase!

Can This Become Saturated?
No, it’s practically impossible for this to become saturated. It’s recommended inside the members area that you do NOT copy everything that I do in the case studies since lazy people will do that – and that could become saturated. Overall, this technique cannot have “too many” people doing it so that it doesn’t work any longer.

Is This Blackhat?
No, this is ethical, white-hat, and doesn’t break any rules or laws (obviously lol)

 Is there Required Software?

No. No software is required to use this strategy. I personally recommend Clickfunnels inside the program – but literally ANY page builder or website service will work (even a free one like Wix or Weebly)

How Do You Make Money With Quantum Commissions?
In my case studies, I make money using affiliate marketing products from Clickbank. However, this will work for ANY affiliate program for ANY niche – it will also work with MLM opportunities, eCommerce, and selling your own products.

Do I Have to Pay For Traffic?
You are not required to pay for traffic to make this strategy work. Inside the program I will be using VERY cheap Facebook ads to get clicks – however, no paid advertising is required to make this strategy work. I use Facebook ads inside the program because they’re incredibly cheap using this strategy, and a tiny budget of $5/day can easily generate 60-80 targeted clicks every single day (including sales and email leads)

What if I Need Help?
I’ve got your back! Not only do I have one of the fastest response support teams in the industry, but I’m personally always available inside my support group and regularly create personalized video tutorials, walkthroughs, and more for my customers to help them make their first sales and overcome different struggles they’re dealing with!

What if I’m Not An Affiliate Marketer?
You will still get TONS of value from the Quantum Commissions members area. The traffic strategy alone is worth 3-4x the price of entire members area you see on this page. If you’re in eCommerce, MLM, product creation, offline services, and more – you will find LOTS of value inside the training included with Quantum Commissions!

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