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Inside Prompt Selling Empire

So What is Prompt Selling Empire? 

In this  course, “Prompt Selling Empire”, you’ll find comprehensive step-by-step video series dedicated to understanding, creating, and selling AI prompts.

What’s in the Course?

The “Prompt Selling Empire” covers every aspect of prompt creation and selling. From understanding AI language, customizing prompts for clients, to crafting prompts for different AI platforms and learning how to sell them, we’ve got it all covered. Plus, we delve into future trends in prompt technology, so your audience will be ready for what’s to come.

The Products In The Funnel:

OTO1 is a set of 8 videos on how to create prompts for content creation, one of the most requested areas of interest. The course sells for $27.

OTO2 is a collection of 5,000 prompts for ChatGPT with PLR rights, selling for $37.

OTO3 is a webinar I will record for my customers about how to open a money-making AI blog, selling at $67.


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