It sounds crazy doesn’t it… getting paid to share other people’s content. But that’s exactly what many of the biggest news and trending subject sites are doing. And they make an absolute fortune in the process. For example, Huffington post makes close to 30k every day. How you can do the very same thing in seconds per day (on a much smaller scale). I mean, they are already established, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make money from this method.

But before digging in, check out my video below, showing you how you will be building your own blog or website. I’m showing you how this cloud based software gives you the exact same opportunities currently used by sites like Huff Post, BuzzFeed etc, and it’s called Trendds.

How Exactly Trendds Works in 4 Steps



Step 1. Log into trendds (web based software)
Step 2. Enter a broad phrase (keyword) & the software will find the trending content relating to your broad phrase, showing you the biggest viral phrases and content
Step 3. Choose the content from the results
Step 4. Monetize by adding related products (with your affiliate links embedded – you can do this from the trendds dashboard
Step 5. Post the curated and monetized content to your own blogs or news sites…

*you can connect your sites to trendds which enables you to post instantly without needing to log into your sites*

So why does this work?
People are addicted to the latest trends, and viral content. Trending subjects are often easy to rank for organically, so you quickly get targeted traffic.

And because you have in-built monetization you generate income… without ever having to write a word (all content is curated)

What You Get Inside Trendds


trendds Core
trendds: consisting of the following features

Price: Starting at $17 – 3 hour EB

  • Access to SaaS
  • Search for trending content based on keyword input
  • trending keyword search – 500 per month (no recurring)
  • Related long – tail keywords (displayed / user can add manually)
  • User can add 1 existing blog to saas or build new using included theme
  • Included Monetization platforms – Amazon & Walmart
  • Content editor with related monetization choice
  • Direct posting to blog from software dash
  • 10 posts per month (no recurring)
  • Connector plugin for new and existing blogs
  • trendds pre-formatted WP theme
  • Social media share from saas
  • Post management
  • Software training video


trendds MASTER:  Includes the following additions:

Starting price: $47

  • Set keyword derived automation per blog
  • Keyword based curation automation based on filters such as minimum Facebook likes
  • Automation frequency based on filters from every hour to once a week per blog (or any other user specified frequency)
  • Saas auto connects affiliate products relating to posts with users affiliate links
  • Set up scheduling of posts to FB (unlimited) – traffic
  • Automate unlimited content curation for unlimited blogs based on user specified filters
  • Included additional Monetization platforms – eBay & AliExpress
  • Bonus Training – Access to weird niche content and core (use with any blog: New and existing)


trendds PRO
trendds Pro: Includes the following additions:

Starting price: $37

  • Related long – tail keywords… user can add as tags to finished post by checking boxes next to LT phrases
  • Trending keyword search – Unlimited (no recurring)
  • User can add unlimited existing blogs to saas or build unlimited new using included theme
  • Unlimited posts per month (no recurring)
  • Bonus: Additional blog monetization – $371 Per Day Blog Trick (Backed by Verifiable results)


trendds MAX
trendds MAX: Includes the following additions:

Starting price: $37

  • Developer – Develop and automate unlimited trendds based blogs for clients
  • Developer – Develop and curate unlimited trending monetized content for client’s blogs
  • Run as a service for multiple / unlimited clients – each client / blog has client key (clients content contains their affiliate links)
  • Developer – Develop, automate trendds based blogs and flip / sell complete sites with an option to change key for new owner and run for them.
  • Flipping video tutorial


trendds Agency
Starting price: $77
All products include 50% affiliate commission.

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