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Podcasting My Journey to Inspire …


These Podcasts are meant to help you and inspire you and help you to find your passion and turning it into a business online while living in Freedom doing what you love.   These podcasts can help you get inspired by my own personal journey because I too, was also fed up working for someone else’s dream.  I wanted to work on my own dream.  I will be sharing you my personal journey, on how I overcame my own fears, and really taking action towards finding a way to work on something I loved.   I found my passion, I took it online, and now i’m living my passion online while living a flip flop life. My own personal perspective on how I see my own freedom, and under my own terms.   Doesn’t get better than that.   I’m here to help you overcome your obstacles, as well as share with you strategies and tools while also motivate you to get started and get things done for yourself.  Enough working on someone else’s dream.

You have a dream as well, take my push and strategies to create your own.   If you enjoy my podcasts, please sign up below so you can get more of my stories.  One day this will be my own success book.  And I’m greatful you will all be part of this as well.  🙂  Enjoy.


My Story – Episode 1 


The Autobiography – Episode 2



How I Started Making Money Online – Episode 3


My Passion Blog Pro … Came True – Episode 4



3 Ways You Can Make Money Online – Episode 5