You can create amazing graphics, and logo’s for all social media platforms, and for your website, using It’s free to create your account, and you will save money and time, on either hiring someone to do it for you. It’s super easy to use, and I’ve created a video showing you how you can use  for free. Even though it’s free, there is so much content you can use and you don’t have to pay anything. Some features are locked, and require a monthly payment, but don’t fret, I’ve never paid for anything else than what I do in Canva.

I shot a video showing you what I use it for, however, I also have another tool, that might help you in general, with a lot more features, and could be business changing for you. You can actually create images, turn them into animated images, which are basically clickable.

Take your visitors to any page you want, using the clickable feature. But there’s more. Creating banners has become a breeze, while also, monetizing those images, directing your traffic where ever you want. Just watch my video below on some free training, on how to create your images, logo’s and posters, but then keep watching so you can see the power of PixelMate in your business.


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What Is PixelMate Exactly? 



With PixelMate you are provided with 1000+ done-for-you high converting graphics templates you can customize in just a few clicks. The user-friendly editor makes it super simple for anyone to use.  PLUS a real-time tracker for monitoring views and clicks on each campaign, this means you and your customers can now EASILY launch and monitor winning promotions on Social media that grabs the attention of your target audience, or launch AD campaigns that drive Clicks, Leads and Sales at low cpc or on your website to promote any offer.

You can use PixelMate for any purpose, whether that’s to monetize your website content with high-converting animated banners promoting affiliate links, ecom stores, digital products, coaching services, sponsored ads and much more.

Use PixelMate to launch a winning animated graphics campaign in just 4 simple steps (without outsourcing or having any design skills).

Step 1
Selecting a template from 1000+ beautiful designed creatives

Step 2
Customize your selected template with our in-built drag n drop editor

Step 3
Render and download in MP4, JPEG, PNG, GIF, HTML, PDF or Publish across social media in 1-click.

Step 4
Track your campaign clicks as they turn into leads and sales


Why Do you need  PixelMate?


Animated Graphics is the best style your customers can choose if they want to turn boring text into captivating marketing content that grabs a visitors attention and drives them into taking action.  As you already know, customers need these graphics for posting on social media and websites to grab visitors attention, increase engagement and drive website traffic to generate leads & sales as an end result.  nd PixelMate covers all that by not only allowing users to create quality designs (static and animated) but also helps users publish their graphic campaigns on social media or any website as MP4, Image, banner, GIF, PDF and HTML 5 Slides.

And the best part is that users can instantly see real time statistics of graphic campaigns embedded on their website right inside their Pixel Mate dashboard.

The Possibilities Built Into PixelMate Are Endless!

  • Create unlimited animated videos, static or animated images or banners, and gif campaigns.
  • Live preview to see animated graphics campaign overall look in real time
  • Segment your best animations/graphics based on performance
  • Over 1000+ inbuilt professional attention grabbing templates
  • Real-time tracking dashboard – With PixelMate users can quickly see data on views and clicks and conversion rate of their banners.
  • Easy to navigate user dashboard but yet sophisticated to provide an all-in-one platform for building any type of ad campaigns proven to turn clicks into leads and sales.
  • Flexible customization Options Built-into the Editor – PixelMate comes with an advanced high-performance editor, equipped with a variety of customization options that allow users to revamp over 1000+ templates to suit their taste or easily create their custom design from scratch.
  • Options available in the editor
  • Edit creatives with over 200 text fonts, 16 Animation effects, 1M+ Images or you can upload your own PNG JPEG or SVG, Custom buttons, Shapes, colorful gradient/texture backgrounds, Simple image editing, and manipulation etc
  • Apply Clickable links different objects of your design
  • Millions of royalty free images/backgrounds
  • Undo and redo function
  • Advanced Animation technology
  • Create multiple image slide to form a presentation
  • Download your designs in PNG, JPEG, GIF, PDF, HTML and MP4 format. And much, much more!

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