As a marketer, the one thing you don’t want to do is spend money on things you can probably do on your own. ¬†Seriously, 3 years, and i haven’t outsourced anything, to build my empire. ¬†I did it on purpose, so i can be an expert and be able to help others when I could.

One important thing you should know about being in this industry, is learning how to build your list, by giving value back to your users and followers. ¬†You need to create some type of reports, or articles, or something you would like to give out to people who are signing up to you. ¬†Or maybe…you created your first product, and you need a cover for your new ebook, product, software, etc.

You don’t need to go and hire anyone to create those box covers, or ebook covers. ¬†You don’t need to pay hundreds, when you can easily create them yourself, with a drag and drop system. ¬†It’s Crazy. ¬† ¬†Why don’t you see what you can do with PIxel Studio Fx Version 2.0.

Pixel Studio FX Pro Review and Inside Look

Inside Pixel Studio Fx

You will find so many niches to choose from, this is perfect for every marketer out there who is building their business online . ¬†If you’re not, believe me, you will be in a couple of years, once you have gone through whatever you are going through now. ¬†Who ever takes this business serious, and looks at it in the long run, they know where they need to invest.

The money is usually in the presentation….So having high converting designed ecovers and product boxes is very important to any business. ¬†You need to stand out. ¬†Don’t forget you can actually sell your services in creating this for others. ¬†Think outside the box!

You will find multiple themes, covering every part of any industry and category you can think of.


You will also get Extra Training and you have access to Studio FX where you create your templates for any social profiles you want to post in.   This is powerful, since you can create your own social media profile cover images, etc.  Social Studio FX is really powerful.



Pixel Studio FX is the staple for creating high converting professional designed eCovers.




Get Pixel Studio FX and Get My Passion Blog Pro Starter Guide PDF that I created for Passion Blog Pro.

It’s everything you need to start making commissions online using the exact same strategies I personally use in my own business for the past 3 years now making my self a 5 figure income! .

Your Copy will be found inside the Bonus are for Pixel Studio Fx.







If you Decide To Upgrade to Pixel Studio FX Pro!¬† Then You Will Get Instant Access To My Passion Blog Pro Starter EditionWith 12 Over the Shoulder’s training videos on how I generate an income online.¬†¬† Remember , when you purchase, contact me with the transaction id so I can get your free access to the Passion Blog Pro Starter Edition Members Area for free.