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  • No More Paid Traffic 
  • One Click Install 
  • Simple Set it & Forget it 
  • Works For All Niches
  • Traffic From a Reputable Source
  • Ethical Software (Evergreen) 
  • Can Start With Zero Money Down
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A Welcome Message From the Pintra Creators...

“The Easiest and Most ENJOYABLE Way To Turn Pinterest Into a
Traffic + Content + Profit Generating CASH MACHINE!”

From The Desks of Demetris & Alex Creators of: Bing Bang Profits and Traffic Zion, welcome! 
Here’s a little secret…

While most marketers, bloggers or ecommerce shop owners focus on Facebook ads, or other paid sources of traffic, many simply ignore the gigantic traffic goldmine that is Pinterest.

Did you know that Pinterest has over 175 MILLION active monthly users worldwide? There are also over 50+ BILLION Pinterest “Pins”, over 1 BILLION Pinterest “Boards”, and here’s the biggest statistic of all…

93% of active “Pinners” said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and
87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.

This means not only is Pinterest exploding with traffic in all kinds of lucrative niches, but the vast majority of people who use Pinterest are ideal buyers!

And here’s the other great thing about Pinterest, it’s a CONTENT GOLDMINE as well. It’s the perfect place to find new content or to post new content to a hungry market.

But the biggest issue for most markets who use Pinterest is this…TIME.

It takes TIME and tedious effort to Pin and Post all the time. It can also be a major hassle to figure out how to quickly pin and post not only to your own Pinterest Board, or even set it up to post to your own Wordpress site, but to also correctly add the right information and hashtags.

As a marketer, blogger or ecommerce website owner you want to be able to generate the most targeted traffic you can, as well as the most ideal content, but do it FAST & EASY.

Luckily for you, we’ve taken all the headaches and hassles out of tapping into the traffic and content goldmine that is Pinterest and simplified the entire process for you… 
Demetris Papadopoulos
Affiliate Marketer | Blogger  
Alek Krulik 
Developer | Internet Marketer 
Introducing PINTRA! 
The Powerful Software + Exclusive Training That Gets You Highly Engaged Traffic and Generates Content  Directly From The Internet…With ONE Easy Click!”
PINTRA combines everything you need into one amazing plugin…
Engaging Content + Targeted Traffic + SPEED!
How Our Software Will Help You Get Free Traffic and Content on Complete Autopilot ... 
 Instead of slaving away trying to manually post new content to your new niche blog, or to create a high-traffic Pinterest account, or even spending a small fortune on paid ads…
  • Fully Automated "One Click" Pinterest Wordpress Software
  • Exclusive Video Training To Maximize Your Profits With Pinterest and Wordpress
  • Quickly & Easily Find Great Content Online and Post it in Seconds!
  • Post Images, ,Full Blog Posts, Certain Features and More With One Click!  
  • Create Proper Links that "Source Back" to the original content taken!
  • Learn how to Edit Content in order to Avoid the dreaded Google Slap!
  • Easily Generate Your Own Niche Blog With Amazing Content You Can Monetize!
  •  Drive More Targeted Traffic to Your Ecom Store, Affiliate Offers, or Create More Leads!
  •  Enjoy Easy To Follow “Over The Shoulder” Training That Covers Everything You’ll Need!
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PINTRA is 100% ‘Newbie’ Friendly!

If You Can Click a Mouse Button, You Can Generate Content, Make Sales, and Capture Leads With Ease!

Choose Your Niche
Click on Any image of your choice  
Get Traffic 
You'll be getting high quality traffic, from a reputable traffic source. 
Generate Revenue 
GenerateLeads, Follows, Engagement and Views

Here’s Exactly How PINTRA Will Work For You…

Easily Create Customized Campaigns Inside Pintra!
This will become your main “base” for your automatic pinning and posting content to your own websites, blogs, or even Pinterest account
Discover Amazing Content + Click To Post Instantly!
Browse online and hover over any image you find and click on the green button. Then all you have to do is click to post that image, along with other information, in seconds! Done!
Post Images, Full Blog Posts and More!
Depending on the page you are grabbing your content from, you can post full images, entire blog posts and much more with one quick click! It’s fun and fast!
Automatic “Sourcing” On The Fly!
Each time you click to post, links will be attached that link back to the actual source in order to give proper rights to the content owner! We’ll teach you how to avoid the dreaded Google Slap with this method as well!
“Push” Content Instantly To Your Pinterest Account! 
Simply push the content you want to your own Pinterest account, along with the right hashtags and the link you want to redirect users to. Also, automatically follow other Pinterest boards for increased traffic and user engagement!
Enjoy More Traffic and More Passive Profits!
By generating more free targeted traffic, you can monetize your own blog, make money through your own ecommerce store, of capture more leads to create more passive income!
Exclusive Training Video Modules!
Watch over our shoulders as we teach you how to setup your Pinterest account, how to create your own boards, how to create a new Wordpress blog, how to integrate Google Adsense, and even how to find offers that’ll make you quick cash!
100% Newbie Friendly - Super Simple!
Pintra  is as EASY as 1-2-3...
STEP 1 -  Install Pintra
STEP 2 -  Search For Your Niche Through Images Online
STEP 3 -  Click on Image To Build Content and Free Targeted Traffic  On Complete AUTOPILOT.  
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Our Beta Users Got Results 24 Hours After Using Pintra
Now You Can Get Real Ogranic 100% Free Traffic To Your Websites and Blogs 
  • Increase your Website's profitability by monetization
  • Simple step by step process to set up Pintra for autopilot traffic.
  • Get views, likes, engagement, follows and leads through Pintra.
  • Generate an Income through the offers and products you're promoting. 
  • Over The Shoulder's Training on How To Monetize Your Blogs and Websites for Maximized Results. 
No More Having To Waste Your Time & Money  
  •  No need to spend hours trying to find new traffic sources.
  •  No more paying for any ads to send traffic to your websites or blogs. 
  •  No more working on this manually.  Fully automated software right out of the box. 
  •  No BS.  This is a fully tested ethical software, made to help you generate loads of free targeted traffic to your wp websites or blogs.
  • Over The Shoulder's Training on How To Monetize Your Blogs and Websites for Maximized Results. 
Get Pintra Today and Claim these Exclusive Bonuses to Fast Track Your Online Business!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Pintra in a nutshell?
This is a simple-to-setup software that virtually ANYONE can use to start getting consistent FREE traffic on complete autopilot. The traffic comes from a legit untapped reputable traffic source.  

Q. What makes this different than other softwares  out there?
No other software lets you set up a complete autopilot stream of targeted traffic for free. ! And this works in ANY niche.

Q. Do I need tech skills to do this?
We made sure that we made this a seamless and very SIMPLE process so that any newcomer can be up and running with Pintra  in no time. With that said, no difficult tech skills are required whatsoever.

Q. Do I need a list to make this work? Or any prior experience?
No list is needed to do this. No prior experience is needed either. Literally all you need to do is follow our crystal clear steps for the initial setup process & you'll be up and running with Pintra

Q. Does this have to do with paid traffic? Are there any other investments required?
Nope! The whole idea and concept behind Pintra is to get a constant flow of steady FREE highly-targeted traffic so you can monetize your websites and blogs quickly.

Q. How SOON can I expect to see results?
You can easily see results the same day! Because you're controlling the outcome and can run it on autopilot.

Q. Are there any upsells after I purchase?
Yes - There are a couple upsells after you purchase and although they are optional, we highly recommend you consider picking them up because you will find that they are of huge benefit to you and can really SHORTCUT your success even more with the Pintra

Q. What if I need help or have questions?
If you need help, get lost or have any questions, simply contact our support desk by clicking on the 'Contact' link below. We are 100% committed to your success with our TrafficZion Software.

Q. Can I Get My WP Account Shut Down?
No.  We have made sure that we are following the platforms guidelines, so that our software works ethically with the platform , to bring you the results we are mentioning above.   Nothing to worry about.  

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We’re 100% Confident That You Will Love our amazing product and once you set it up , you will be seeing your free traffic coming right back to your websites.
We are Offering A 30-Day,  Money-Back Guarantee with our software.    Show us that TrafficZion did not bring you traffic back, and Get Your Money Back.

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