So many things have happened this year. So many good things, and then..there were a few instances where life got a little challenging. What have I learnt? well for one, i’ve changed a lot. I’ve learned to control my fears, and my sabotaged thoughts I used to create.

You know what i’m talking about, most of you still do it. That’s what’s stopping you from moving forward. Once you eliminate those stupid movie plotted thoughts, then you can focus on what it is you want to do. You’re the damn creator…producer, of your life. Do something about it!

Another thing I’ve learnt is eliminating my Ego. Boy what an ego centric person I was back in the days. Well..these where one of those, bad habits most of us need to eliminate one way or another. For me, the lesson was learnt from dating a girl. Everyone needs to understand, there are lessons within the people you come in contact with. Everyone you come into contact with ….there is a reason.

Search for it. Even your ex’s…or people you hate. The secret here is …search within, to find why you are having an issue….that issue usually ends up back to you.

That alone is a message saying, you need to change something about you, or cut your self from people that make you feel a certain way.

I’ve learnt that timing…is important. Everything we do has to do, accomplishments and failures, go with timing.

The one great lesson here is that, if you have patience, and really believe it’s gonna come whatever it is you asked for, then, trust it will. It’s timing. People and things have come into my life, on a certain time.

If you are aware of the important things that happen to you, then you should look at the timing of the events that occur. Usually we don’t notice till later on…i urge you to be aware of the now and when they happen, and then question that…why is it happening???

You will see there is a connection…a connection showing you it’s supposed to happen then, in order to get to where you are today.

I’ve also learnt that we really do have an abundance of anything we want.

The only problem with this, is that you need to be in alignment with yourself.

What i mean by that is you ….loving you…appreciating what you got, and understanding you have a special talent that no one else has.

That can be your key to your own freedom. (financial…or spiritual….) whatever your pleasure.

I’ve also learnt, that some people in our lives, are there for a specific reason. The ones that stick around, if you think about it, came at a time, where you were really needing or wanting someone like them. It’s really simple, just go back in your life, to when you met certain people, who are still in your lives today. You will see a connection to your own feeling during that time.

Bottom line…cause i’ll never finish my rambling here… You need to be good with yourself…and you’ll attract the same type of people to you easily. Same mindsets etc. Same Frequencies..etc. But in order to do so you need to allow.

If you’re holding on some bullshit from the past, let go.
It’s fucking up your future. Trust me. You need to let go.

You need to understand that when something ends, something else is coming through. But in order to allow that one thing to come to you, then you need to have an open arm policy (not leg)   Like really allow the next person in your life, and don’t punish him/her for your past experiences. This way you’ll be able to experience life at its fullest..and you’ll also have fun with it.

Sometimes, even our close ones, need to be put to the side in order for you to grow. Ive said it before, and i’ll say it again, stop blaming everyone else, and the situations….you can change it. I promise. And my final thought of the day….when you get shook! remember its for a good thing. Be alert when that happens. Good shit is about to happen to you… if you stay cool.

(disclaimer >> i’m no professional, but the last 4 years i have worked on a trial and error, in a lot of my experiences. these apply to me…i’m here to help you with my own experiences which i feel correspond and relate to many people going through the same thoughts and fears…..anyone judging this post right now…has issues.  So i’d suggest you find yourself…and see why you are angry  …be happy my friend…stop hating.)

  • dpapa