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If you are tired of buying products that only work once in a while, I know how you feel.  I have been there.    That is where this came out of.   I have bottled up ALL of my knowledge into this Product so that you can "skip the line" and start creating a REAL income online.  
No more gimmicks. No more fly-by-night methods.

Take it from a Greek who was fired and now commands handsome passive income each and every month like clockwork, you are only one click away to get what you deserve.

The RIGHT information from someone who wants to give you a Hand Up.

Start Earning Online with the Right Plan
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Since I started Building My Passive Income Machines I've been able to  generate $140,785.48  as a Vendor and this grows daily. 

In the Last 7 days I was able to generate $1,083 

In this month alone I was able to generate $2,919 

Just today, Day is not even over, I'm already at $188 and counting... 

In just a single day, I was able to generate $25,183.00 ! 

and believe me, I never thought this was possible.  

I had no confidence, and didn't know what to expect.  But I took action, and I saw results.  I've done it over 8 times.

Wouldn't you want me to show you how? 

  By building these Passive Income Machines, I've also been able to generate $2,189.54days as an affiliate marketer...

reveal inside, how I was able to generate my first commissions, and generate over $40,720.93 in affiliate commissions on a platform that anyone can start today. 

Once I perfected my affiliate marketing strategies, I tested them on Warrior Plus,  where I've been able to generate over $10,442.18 in affiliate commissions in the last 7 months...

In a typical month, I was able to generate $1,152.03 on Warrior+ Plus, in affiliate commissions...

while also making another $1.062.59 on JvZoo in the month and this Varies depending on the offers...

I've been able to put my business on autopilot resulting in daily commissions...

and these are just 2 of my favorite income sources.  

I have another 5+ income sources I reveal inside my course showing you more  passive income...

No stones left unturned. 

PassionFuze Will Teach You 4 Things.... 

Build a Business Online
How To Get Started Today even if you don't have a product of your own or a foundation set in place.  
Discover Your Passion 
Discover Your Passion Niche and learn how you can profit from it using my proven template and formula  inside. 
Learn How To Drive Traffic 
Learn the easy way in getting the right affordable traffic as well as free traffic  for the cash-machines you're about to build. 
Generate Revenue 
 Setting Up Your Passive Income Machines you'll be set to generate revenue that pays you daily and monthly.
From a Sunny Beach in Greece.... Welcome
Let me get straight to the point with you...

I'm someone who really didn't know what was going on online all these years.  

See when I was in the corporate, 9-5,  I never paid attention to any "make money" online ads.  And If i did, I avoided them like the plague.  

Today, I actually built a business from my passion, online, where I never thought it was possible.  

After getting fired in 2012, I begun searching on Google, for make money online programs.

I decided I was finally going to take the plunge, and actually enter my "email" so I can get some kind of report, that was promising me a life changing opportunity.  

And that's when I started to invest heavily in programs, teaching me still, "the how to."

Well at some point, if you're smart enough, you stop and you actually see a pattern here.  

You've seen them before, but with a different strategy, or take.  

That's fine. Bottom line is that you've seen it before, and it's pissing you off.

You spent your money once again, on a program which is showing you... what you already probably know!

I know, I was there.  

That's when I put a stop to things.    I knew what was going on now.  

I finally figured it out!
Now understand something...

What you need to do is actually learn how to build your own business online, just like all these other people you gave your hard earned money too or invested.

I wish I had someone to show me the right way instead of spending so much time figuring out what works.  

PassionFuze was created with the sole intention to show people how you can take your Passion, any Passion and make profits from it and generate a sustainable income in the long run.  

In this course I  teach you how I was able to change my lifestyle, in just a matter of months, after I stopped procrastinating, and started taking action, and started to implement things, i've learnt from everything i've ever invested in.

I've developed a proven template that has been working for me, and I've created this course to show you how you can actually get yourself started online doing what we do either by creating your own Passion digital product, or promoting for others.   I got you covered on both.

Hi, my name is Demetris Papadopoulos (DPAPA) and I’m a successful Affiliate Marketer and Blogger, and I’m here to share with you my exact blueprint to my own Passive Income Machines, and how you can create your own too.  

I'm here to inspire you while guide you and show you how you need to take advantage of you setting up your own business for your own income source ethically through my over the shoulder's, nothing hidden, training course....

Scroll down to learn more...

Demetris Papadopoulos

Demetris Papadopoulos
Affiliate Marketer | Blogger  
PassionFuze is about turning your passion into profit, through a series of over shoulder training series, covering everything you need to know about how to profit from your own passions online and not only.

There are seven modules showing how anyone can get started today in building their own passive income machines through their own passion, using my proven templates that you can replicate.

I’ve packed this course with hours of over the shoulder coaching style training, revealing all my strategies and my personal blueprint on how I built a sustainable business online, bringing me passive income, month in, month out, and how it is possible for you to do the same.

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 What's Inside PassionFuze  
Real Life Case Study To Copy
 Inside this 7 module course. I reveal my whole process and my own personal blueprint on how I generate a sustainable income online, through my own passions.  Hours of fresh content, revealing the whole backend process on how I set up my passive income machines, and how you can do the same.  
How To Profit From Your Passions 
Step by Step process on how to set up your own passions online to profit from.  After finishing up this course you will be able to begin your own journey online and generate a sustainable income.   This requires work and this is no push button make money tomorrow.  This will change your lifestyle just like it's been able to change mine. 
Full Affiliate Marketing Case Study
Inside I show you a full walkthrough on how you can get free access to products you can promote and generate instant commissions from.  Watch me go out and find an offer, where I reveal to you what most marketers won't reveal to you and how it can actually fast track your instant profits online. 
Revealing a New Fresh FB ads tactic that gets me clicks to my offers
 Inside Passionfuze I reveal a way to drive traffic to affiliate offers using FB Ads and my own personal strategy i've been testing with my own products and affiliate offers, which you can copy and implement in your own product launches or affiliate promos.  
Everything You Need to Start Your Own Business Online  
PassionFuze comes with all the strategies and tools packed in 7 modules, with hours of content giving you an insight and guidance on how to profit from your own passions, but also revealing the way you can create your own passive income machines. 
Module 1
Turn Passion into Profits
In this module with over 47 minutes of over the shoulder's style coaching, showing you a simple way to find a passion and make a profit from.  I reveal the whole backend process and how you can do the same. 
Module 2
Building Your Passive Income Machines
In this Module which is about 30 minutes worth of value, on how you can actually build your own passive income machines.  Easily without any tech skills or experience.  Any newbie can do this.  Advanced and experienced marketers will benefit from doubling their already existing income sources.
Module 3
Build Your Passion Empire
In this module, I help you set up your own passive income machines, by revealing the secrets in creating your own high converting funnels, sales pages and much much more.  With over 47 minutes worth of valuable step by step process and blueprint.
Module 4
Build an Affiliate Tribe
In this module, with over 18 minutes worth of step by step videos, showing you how you can build your own affiliate tribe who will make money for you. 
Module 5
Targeted Traffic and Paid Traffic
In this module, I share with you my own traffic for pennies strategies an how to retarget for more precise targeting and better conversions.  This is a new method i've been using personally and never revealed before. 
Module 6
Instant Commissions and Sales
In this module, I show you how you can generate daily profits using easy strategies without owning a list.  I reveal my own email strategies that bring me 200+ a day in profits. 
Module 7
2 Affiliate Marketing Case Studies
In this 42 minute over the shoulder's case study walkthrough.  I actually show you how you can start as an affiliate marketer, today, easily, without a list.  We go through each step, even revealing how you can get free accesses to other digital products and offers as well, which other so called "guru's" don't want you to know about.  
PassionFuze Members Area 
Get Instant Access Now For Just  $97, ONLY $37
What Other's Are Saying about PassionFuze  
Ike Paz
Affiliate Marketer / Blogger

Chris Mollo
Affiliate Marketer / Blogger

Sherrise Rogers
Affiliate Marketer / Blogger

Rob Reece
Affiliate Marketer

Jonathan Oshevire
Affiliate Marketer / Vendor

Mehdi Tihani
Vendor / Affiliate Marketer / Blogger

Aleksandar Stojkoski
Newbie Affiliate Marketer

Alex Krulik (My software partner)
Affiliate Marketer / Software Developer

I have worked with many internet marketers before, but to see what Demetris does, was unforgettable experience for me. He puts all his heart into the trainings,  he is very picky, and can redo videos many times to make them absolutely perfect, he really knows and and loves to teach people.
PassionFuze is highly recommended!
Zoran Zimovich
Affiliate Marketer / Blogger

My Biggest win from PassionFuze was understanding how to create a business that is custom-tailored for me and that allows me to work in my genius zone and reach the people who need my help the most! I am proud of myself for never giving up, no matter how bad it got. PassionFuze has truly changed my look at online business completely!
Get Instant Access Now For Just  $97, ONLY $37
No More Having To Waste Your Time & Money  
  •  No more buying training courses you've seen before...
  •  No more dodgy methods that don't show each step in detail
  •  No more slaving hours each day hoping to make SOMETHING work
  •  No more spending HUGE amounts of money on paid advertising
  •  No more zeros in your PayPal account
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To 10x Your Results Inside PassionFuze
Bonuses will be found inside your members area in the Bonus Module. 
Bonus #3 Profitable Product Creation
Bonus #9 LANDING PAGES 101
Bonus #10 Super Affiliate Secrets
Get Instant Access Now For Just  $97, ONLY $37
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What if I don’t have a product of my own? 
No problem. Inside the course, you’ll learn how to create your very own and you'll learn how to earn from other people's products.

Q: What if I don’t have an idea for my passion product? 
Inside the course, I start from complete scratch, and you’ll learn exactly how to come up with more product ideas than you could ever pursue. This part is easy, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it alone.

Q: How long will it take to generate any money?
 You can begin seeing money in your pocket in as little as a few days. No waiting for commissions or affiliate networks to payout…This is INSTANT money in your PayPal account that you can spend right away. However, if you don't put the work , you won't see the results.

Q: What type of investment is needed to get started?
 Just the normal stuff. Beyond the investment in the course, you’ll need to have hosting, a domain, and preferably an autoresponder of some sort. I give you access to resources that will allow you to get all of these setup with an affordable budget. Under $50 you'll be able to begin.

Q: Do I need to buy traffic? 
You don't need to. But you can. And it's really affordable ($5 at a time) . I do provide you with FREE traffic methods that can be more effective than paid traffic in many cases. If you don’t have a budget for traffic, you’re fine. If you have a budget for traffic, then I do cover some paid traffic methods too. Everything traffic is covered inside… no stones are left unturned and I explain the pros and cons of all traffic methods covered.

Q: What type of technical skills do I need to have? 
If you can check your email and click a mouse, you’re good to go. Everything inside is covered in a very step-by-step, copy over my shoulder's format.

Q: How much for the course? Is there a monthly fee?
When you take action today, you’ll get everything for just $12.95 however the price will go up to $17 after the 5 day launch period.

Q: What type of guarantee is offered? 
You get a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If for any reason, or no reason at all, this course is not for you, simply ask for refund, and I’ll send you every penny back. There’s no risk for you to get started right now. Test drive the entire system on my dime for the next 30 days.

Are the results proven? 
Yes. What you’ll learn has thousands of dollars in my pocket . There is no theory. Everything you’ll learn in the course is tested, proven, and works day in and day out.

Q: Why do I need to get this today?
There’s no risk to get access today, but if you wait, the training may not be available or the price will increase. Beyond that, you’re delaying success in your life. With all the step-by-step training, videos, cheat sheets, and tools you’ll get inside the course, you’ll have everything you need to see a positive change in your life as soon as this week. You owe to yourself to make a change for the better. Don’t wait… worst cases scenario, you simply ask for a refund.
If you're not 100% satisfied, we offer a full no questions asked  money back guarantee.

Just shoot us a quick email to support (at) You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain! So click on the button below & get started boosting your business
with PassionFuze! I know you're going to LOVE it!
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