I always wanted to build news websites.  Just never had the time.  I’m also a little lazy when it comes down to things like that.  I tend to start but then I get the feeling i’m doing the dirty work.  Dirty work in my book is basically, doing all the researching and finding the right articles or content to post on my websites and blogs. Especially when you have multiple websites online with different niches.    Well, the reason i’m writing this article, on my own by the way.   I have to do something the hard way…and that’s to presell you with this amazing plugin called OmniEngine.

Do you own a website?   WordPress?  Download this plugin , and get everything you need.  Every curated post you can think of which has gone viral or is trending right now on your website.   ANY category you can think of.  Think big. Think you are created a news website something like mashable, etc.  Think big once again.  One site having every viral article covering each category , from News, to Entertainment, To Gaming, to Health, to Weight loss. Whatever..the whole deal, and all connected to your Facebook pages etc.

All you need is a wordpress site, and this plugin to make it work.

Watch me use it, and watch the power of it on building with full content, niche based websites where you can either build you…or build a money making cash site.

Check My Omni Engine Review Video and First Look inside

What is Omni Engine Exactly?  

Omni Engine is a new Software Builds Passive Money Sites In MINUTES Without Any Technical Skills! AND It Also Drives Traffic To Them On Complete Autopilot.

  • Instant “PROVEN TO CONVERT” Design WITHOUT Any Skills.
  • Self Sustaining Money Sites In All Niches, Get Paid Monthly & Flip Later!
  • Never Worry About Traffic Ever Again!
  • Easily Fill Your Website With HOT & Engaging Content In ANY niche.
  • Have Your own money site in 20 minutes from now

How To Use Omni Engine

Step #1 – Instant Site Builder

This is really easy, simply select from one of our templates, upload your logo, hit the big button and your website will be instantly created with crazy converting design and structure.

Step #2 – Easy Content Generator

All you need to do is to enter a keyword and grab a piece of engaging content. Then, we strongly recommend to rewrite some of it so it will be unique. There is a really cool way to do that that works SUPER fast.. without any thinking, and we teach it inside of our strategy.

Step #3 – Activate Traffic

In this step you simply select your content piece of the dropdown dashboard, and it will auto create your FB ad. Then, you choose from our high converting, CLICK getting ad templates and you hit GO! And boom, the ad is created right inside FB as well! It’s all automatic, no thinking or manual work is needed.

Step #4 – Optimize Stats For Finding Winners & Scaling

Another powerful feature of OmniEngine is that you can go ahead and see LIVE stats of your ad campaign right inside OmniEngine, It’s EXTREMELY powerful and way more comfortable than FB dashboard itself ?

There is also an ENTIRE strategy laid out for you in a step by step manner with OmniEngine if you get the special edition.

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