Imagine seeing behind the curtains of a super Affiliate who did over $100,000 with 1 simple affiliate page + one ad?



Here the simple 3 step process.

Step 1 >> Use a SIMPLE ad targeting our ideal audience (We don’t need to
use super fancy targeting because step 2 does that for us and qualifies
the prospect)

Step 2 >> We use an engaging Quiz based Landing page. Because it provides, an interactive value based experience to the customer, FB™ rewards us with super cheap (as low as $0.02 cents) qualified traffic and keeps our accounts active 😉


Now that’s the “mile high” overview but here are the bits you don’t know and that are crucial to you succeeding and hitting the numbers shown.  Everything is revealed 

– How many questions you need to ask?
– What do you ask?
– What order do you ask them in (Yes it really matters)
– What “thank you” page you use (again crucial or it wont work)

If your interested in getting the software do to this ‘My Super Affiliate Builder’ launches this Tuesday 25th September @ 9AM EST.

Check out my video review below and the exclusive bonuses i have set up for you.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review + Exclusive Bonuses

What Is My Super Affiliate Builder Exactly?



It builds interactive, ‘intelli’ style quizzes which means that depending on how the visitor answers the questions, it allows you to send them to the offer best suited to their needs based on the responses given AND also adds your user to a specific email list.



➸ Facebook rewards you with cheap traffic for ultra engagement

➸ Stop your ad account getting banned

➸ Create Hyper Conversions


Check out a Full on DEMO on how to use the Software and Training


My Super Affiliate Builder Funnel Breakdown



$39-197 – ONE TIME My Super Affiliate Builder


Done For You Super Affiliate Funnels Package


Free 30 Day Trial to ‘Done for You” Funnel Package
of the month ($0 then $29 month)

$97 – ONE TIME

Done For You Super Affiliate Funnels Package

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My Super Affiliate Builder Review + Exclusive Bonuses

Frequently Asked Questions


• How does it install?

You upload the plugin to your self-hosted WordPress. Activate your license and then begin to build out your optimize quiz funnels


• Can I have unlimited funnels?

Yes as part of the pro-level package you can build UNLIMITED super affiliate survey funnels


• What Does It Integrate With?

Awesome news. We plug into Zapier which allows you to integrated with 1000’s of other platforms. This helps you build out HYPER targeted lists and audience from your Quiz funnels


• Does It Work With Ads?

Yes, it is a perfect funnel to run ads through. Not only that you can build out custom audiences based on the options someone picks through the quiz. Yes, you heard right, you can build audiences based on every answer they give to deliver the EXACT product that matches your prospect need.


• Can I use it with my auto responder?

Yes we directly integrate with Aweber, Active Campaign , Get Response & Mail Chimp. If you using a different auto responder you can simply ‘1 click’ export your data and import to any other mailing service you want


• Why does using My Super Affiliate Builder get such cheap traffic and keep your accounts open?

For a few reasons – Because you are giving the big ad companies EXACTLY what they want!

When you give users a better experience, they respond better to your ad , gives you more likes, comments and shares. This lowers you ad cost , boost engagement and in turn you get reward.

Plus by giving segmenting users, depending on how they answer your questions means you can give them the PERFECT offer most suited to them that could result in 547% Returns On Ad Spend.

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✅ Use ‘Intelli Funnels” To Give Your Visitor Exactly What They Want