That sounds ULTRA hypey, right?  Trust me I know, However, if that peaked your interest then you’re going to want to pay VERY close attention to what i’m about to share with you in this post.

Why?  Well, because a new platform has just  been released that allows you to do EXACTLY that and I also have proof of that.  It allows you to turn a profit in 24 hours or less by legally hijacking FREE, targeted traffic and authority from 4 of the BIGGEST sites online.  This new platform finds you EXPIRED domains  that are STILL posted on Wikipedia, YouTube BBC or Quora that you can snatch up for  under 10 bucks, And the best part is, Once you have these domains, you can literally redirect the traffic ANYWHERE you want, OR use those domains to send MASSIVE authority and link juice to ANY niche site or video that you want to rank.

Can you imagine that?  Having a REAL backlink from Wikipedia!  Or from Quora? Or BBC?  Or a LIVE link from the description area of a YouTube video that is STILL getting hundreds
of even THOUSANDS of views a day?  This is SOO powerful that these guys put together a case study of how they hijacked a domain and got some near-instant traffic and moola in their pocket!

Check out the case study video here the web-app is called MyTrafficJacker and it allows you to:

  • leverage the MASSIVE authority of Wikipedia,
  • YouTube, BBC or Quora for FAST traffic and rankings
  • find expired domains on YouTube
  • find expired domains on Wikipedia
  • find expired domains on BBC
  • find expired domains on Quora
  • buy these domains for under 10 bucks with ONE-CLICK of your mouse
  • set reminders for domains that are about to expire so you can be first in line
    to pick them up
  • and much much more…

This is a FIRST TIME anyone has been able to TRULY leverage the authority of WikiPedia,  YouTube, BBC and Quora to get massive traffic AND authority for ANY website or video.  Check out my video below showing you how I was able to find and leverage a domain through the use of MTJ.

My Traffic Jacker Review






Gives you  full access to our MTJ platform to quickly and easily find expired domains that are still posted on Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC and Quora AND allow them to “one-click” buy them on NameCheap of Godaddy. This will be for a one-time payment for a certain # of credits at a massive discount. Starting at $33 for the first 6 hours and then dimesale kicks in.



OTO 1 – MTJ Pro+

Here you will be able to lock in their discounted rate on credits for only $1. This will then automatically renew every 30 days, so they always have credits to be able to hijack domains with. They’re also getting two VERY powerful, extra bonuses, which includes unlocking ALL the new sites that we add in the future. We’re constantly looking for NEW sites that we can hijack on and we’ll be adding them as we go. I’m talking about sites like, Reddit, Medium, etc.. And lastly, they’re getting BONUS credits every single month just for taking action on this offer.

OTO 2 – MTJ Academy

In this uupsell you will be getting MULTIPLE over-the-shoulder case studies of us using MTJ to find, purchase AND monetize campaigns using the domains we find with MyTrafficJacker. We’ll even be showing them MULTIPLE ways to profit quickly with their newly found domains. They’re going to see it ALL – we have held NOTHING back.


OOTO 3 – MTJ Trifecta

Here your customers will be able to unlocking THREE additional and powerful features to make MTJ even BETTER for them. They’re going to be able to unlock our Auto-Search feature, our Affiliate-Spy feature AND our SubJackers Feature so they can SKYROCKET the profit that they put in their pocket while leveraging automation to free up their time!


OTO 4 – MTJ + SyndLab + SyndBuddy

Here you will be getting access to SyndLab + SyndBuddy syndication platforms which allows them to quickly “boost” up their newly acquired domains with powerful social syndication and social sharing.


OTO 5 – MTJ Elite

With this package, you will be unlocking TWO very powerful features inside of MTJ. They’ll be unlocking our Ocean Search feature which will allow them to take ONE domain and with ONE-CLICK be able to find EVERY SINGLE video that has that domain posted on it. So hijacking ONE video can turn into dozens or even HUNDREDS of videos.

PLUS, they’ll also be unlocking our Domain Reminder feature which will identify domains that are “DEAD” but have NOT YET expired, but as soon as they DO expire, they’ll be notified and be the FIRST in line to pick them up.

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My Traffic Jacker Let’s You Turn a Profit in Under 24 Hours


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