My Top 10 Online Marketing Tools and Programs…the ones that actually work


I’m true to my statement above. I know this, because I personally use them.


I usually go out and buy anything that looks shiny to me, test it out, and when I see that it brought me some kind of quick cash, I then promote it to you all. It’s disturbing to know that a lot of you still don’t feel confident in what I’m promoting. I can seriously understand you.


Again, nothing I promote is BS. It brings you something back. I’m saying something, because it always depends on you.


So it’s almost the middle of 2015, and a lot of new shiny products came out for marketers and anyone that is basically trying to make some kind of income online. These are New tools and programs that you might have missed on.


My job is to provide you with this info to help you.


Go ahead and Click on each link and check it out. Don’t worry, they don’t bite..they only help.



My Current Top 10 Online Marketing Tools and Programs


1. Aweber 

My Number one email autoresponder is none other than Aweber. Helps me get my word out helps me build my current business. List building is a must! email autoresponder is a must too! I am also promoting other ones, but aweber is my favorite by far, considering that almost all highly successfull marketers use Aweber for their business or blog.


2.The Digital Affiliates

Copy marketing campaign case studies every week from super affiliates Bob Becket and James Starr.  If you are new to affiliate marketing, and want to be thrown in the deep end while being a total noob. Then this is it .  The best program in Digital Affiliate Marketing up to date and affordable.


3. PicRedirect

This is seriously a sick little tool. You get to hide and mask your affiliate links like a ninja. Not only that, your posts on facebook look like they are sponsored. It has the same template as Facebook’s PowerEditor Ad Creator. Only difference, you can redirect any link you want to anywhere you want. Works on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.


4. Landing Page Monkey

Seriously, you can’t build a list without this software. Get your landing pages and squeeze pages done in a like 3 minutes. Seriously, you can add anything. Animated backgrounds (very popular).


5. eLister Pro

Can’t list on eBay without this tools. It’s also got a listing integration to keep track of your items on eBay. Must have tool if you are into e-commerce!


6. Infinii Ecom

Best Company I’ve been with since November. This is the company that introduced me to e-commerce and making money through eBay. I love dropshipping , that’s why I have a team and I’m teaching everyone how to dropship through Infinii . Join my team?


7. Clickmagick

Track your links with this Link Tracker. It perfect for you that do online ads, where you have to learn how scale up your ads using clickmagick.  Everymarketer needs to use Clickmagick.  You will see your profits double up with Clickmagick.


9.  Affiliate Trax

Build your Leads for any online business. Keep track of all your sales through JvZoo and Build your Lists with Buyers.


10. Facebook Group Autoposter

Advertise for Free using this Autoposter.

You can find the above tools with videos either on my Facebook Channel or through my website. Have a look before you get kind of thing.
Next Month I’ll be sharing my Next Updated top 10 Marketing Tools and Programs for the everyday entrepreneur!

to your own Success

DPAPA Living a Flip Flop Life!