Finally the Ministry of Freedom by Jono Armstrong, just went public.  For those that don’t know, this is the flagship training course put together by Jono Armstrong, a successful 7 figure affiliate.  Not just any affiliate, but someone I have been watching closely for the past 2 years.  We met when he asked to promote one of my products (Trafficzion) when I first launched it 2 years ago. 

I noticed a pattern with Jono.  He went from rags to riches, and i’m not kidding.  This guy came out of nowhere, to just take over the industry and be stamped as one of the TOP Super Affiliates who is just someone to envy. 

I myself who have been in this industry since 2012, and just hit my first 6 figures, this guy comes to overtake all of us, and make 7 figs, in just ONE YEAR. 

Holy crap, if you only saw his numbers in every product he would promote, this guy would actually generate thousands, if not 10,000 in a single day, doing EXACTLY what I’ve been doing… however he has a twist in all of this.   I could never figure it out. 




Inside this review, I will be giving you my honest Ministry of Freedom Review. I will also be talking about the upsells and also a special time for you to partner up with me so I can guide you through your own career online as an affiliate marketer.   First of all, let’s start with what is MOF exactly? 

What Is Ministry of Freedom Exactly ?



This is training and coaching program, where Jono actually reveals his own exact online business model which Jono implements on a daily basis , which generated him $1,000,000 in pure profit last year in 2019. 

I SAW THE NUMBERS…they are real. 

And many will say that its probably from his own products he’s launching, but that’s not the case.   I actually know that each email he sends out, converts so well, he’s generating over 100-200+ sales on each promo as an affiliate marketer.  I have myself, took some of his styles, especially in the bonus section of a promo, and some other traffic methods that I have learnt from a few of the courses I reviewed in the past, which you probably picked up as well.  

I know the training is presented in easy to follow video modules spread out over an 8 week period and covers every aspect of Jono Armstrongs online business which you can start implementing from day

Each of the modules inside the Ministry of Freedom are designed to help you build yourself into a super affiliate in almost no time.  Yes, almost instantly you’ll start seeing results.  I know this, due to a tactic he used in the past with his affiliates, where he helped generate us money through promoting his products.   

Basically I shouldn’t be telling you this, but there is this method, called “REVERSE KANGAS” and I have proof of it, in my images below as a couple of examples showing you how he helped me generate FREE commissions without me really doing anything.   


For you it will be a little different.  See the reason he’s going to help you generate money almost instantly is your reward if you complete every step he has laid out for you in his training members area.  You complete the training as taught, do what he says, and the reward will be him sending you money ..real money depending on what you’re promoting.  It’s all in there.  And guess what this has done for his students? 

100% of his students who enrolled in his program, generated hundreds and thousands in commissions right off the bat.  There is proof of everyone making money in the facebook group he has set up for members who are going to join as well. 



So consider this an investment where you generate your money back, and more.  No Really, this isn’t a joke, it’s probably the only program, I Know that is paying you money and helping you make your own money too in the long run.   This is the real affiliate business you want to be part of. 

Ministry of Freedom isn’t some push button software or program. No one is going to do all the work for you. If you are thinking of getting into MOF with the intention of checking out the content and not taking action, don’t waste your time. This is a serious business model and only those with the right mindset and it pays off.  Don’t take my word for it, look at some of these testimonials from Jono’s Students. 


Does “Ministry Of Freedom” Actually Work?

*Ignore Our Results, See Our Students Results Below

$897 in His First 48 Hours

$40,000 Per Month

$498 in His First 3 Days

$10,000 Per Month Consistently

His First $1k Day

$200k in His First Year

$296 in His First 3 Days





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ATTENTION: Your Bonuses Will be in A Document Right After You Join Ministry Of Freedom with Jono Armstrong.   Under your Login details will be the Googe Doc where I have instructions on how we will begin our journey together.   

These bonuses will be available as evergreen, so no need to rush.  Take your time, and actually watch the training workshop Jono has set up for you right after you Register for free here, or anywhere on this page. 

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