Low content books, or no content books, is actually huge on Amazon.  Go ahead, go to amazon.com and search for example, journal, then go see how many sellers and authors there are and what kind of books they are creating.   Basically, anyone can create books, which are actually low content or close to zero content. 

The only thing you need is to design the internal pages and cover and that’s it.  No writing involved.    I’ll get more into it, with my video below showing you how exactly you will be creating your own low content books, and publish them, and sell them on the KDP platform. (Kindle Direct Publishing) Platform.   Which by the way , is totally Free.  Amazon will be getting their cut from your sales, which is a couple of dollars.   Like I mentioned, you won’t really be creating anything but a cover…the rest is done by the Low content creator machine….

Watch how i’m creating my own book in less than 10 minutes below 

What Is Low Content Creation Machine Really About?




Low Content Creation Machine is a software and video training product. The low content market is hot, hot, hot!  However the market has been difficult for many because of the manual work creating the books.  No more. With this software it’s a breeze.

There is no other product out there like this. Unique and new.

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