Once you enter the world of a blogger, you will realize that you can do more with your blog than what you thought you could.



Once you have chosen your niche, you can then concentrate on what to look for in products when you are promoting through your blog.  There is a large enough inventory of products to promote for your blog, and there are several things you need to look for in order to make it work optimally for you.



Choosing a product to promote on your site is just like any other part of your business.  What you will get out of it, basically depends on how much you will put into it.


Why being an affiliate is fun

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I’m an  affiliate on  almost everything you can think of. 🙂   Everywhere I visit,  I’m looking if they have an affiliate tab for me to register. Being an affiliate is pretty exciting. You find ways to promote products you never heard of, in many different mediums.



I’d like to take the discreet path, where I’m not spamming as many tend to be.  I’m also learning.  Let’s consider this phase in my life, my part two of my  “Education” , I’d like to call it my Masters Education in Online Marketing.


I’ve got my mentor, I’ve got the community I’m part of, and I’ve got the tools to show the way.   As my story shows,  everything has been paved for me to be where I am today.   I’m currently in the building phase, while learning while earning type model.




So back to my article about how you can make you blog powerful and of value, if you basically, take the time and trouble to dig and then dig a little bit deeper for the perfect products, so that you don’t fall short of your goal.




What are your perfect products?  What did you try that worked for you? …Cause if it did work out for you, then you would want to share this with everyone right? Especially if you know it’s going to help them out financially , correct?



In order to pull this off you’ll need to ….Dig a little


If I didn’t purchase the program, or product I wouldn’t know how it works, and that  will definitely affect my tone when I’m trying to review or sell it.



The good thing about digging a little deeper is that you will more than likely find a hidden gem. Learn something new. Something that will help you out in the business you are currently in. Everything has some sort of “trick of the trade”, that you can learn from .


Yea right, too good to be true!


Most of these products work. However, for others that have never experienced something like this or are skeptics, will fight you from you showing them what you found.


Let them decide if they should try it out. Don’t pressure your reader.  The minute an individual knows that he or she is being sold something is the minute that individual will go elsewhere.


Do a profile on your visitors


When you do a profile of your visitors, it is easier to review a product to see if you have a good match. You absolutely must know your target audience and your customer base in order to review the right product to promote in your affiliate marketing or on your blog.


Once you know and understand your own visitors, then you are in a better position to view these visitors potential followers, or people who will listen to you and follow your lead.



Building your list

Mailing list

I know my own visitors by just asking about their story when we connect.  I use an email autoresponder to keep track of my subscribers so I can shoot them a message with something new I’ve found, or maybe just want to share my article with them.  I mean, they signed up to my blog for a reason.  I’m trying to full-fill that reason.  You should too.  It will pay off in the long run.


If you want to learn how you can capture leads etc, just contact me and I’ll guide you etc.




I’ve created a mini survey for my visitors to fill in so that I can get an idea of what it is they need help with. I go through that and then I go and write myself an article based on all of that.


Or the other option is for me to guide them to where they need to go , so they can do what I do. etc.   For example, how I’ve become an Affiliate and I make money through promoting products, networks, programs, through my blog, while at the same time, giving value and tools to others to help them get started.


It’s all a win-win situation.


Bottom line

When it comes to choosing products, the bottom line is always going to be an important component. Seek out products that offer the following:

* High payout
* Future sales potential and commission for returning customers
* Customer retention rate
* Higher gravity


And again, to repeat myself, you need to Buy before You Try  One of the best ways to see if a product is appropriate for you to sell is to buy it, use it, and review it yourself.



If a product is not what appears to be or does not live up to your standards, you can rest assured that it will not hold up to the standards of your visitors either.



These are just a few of the most important tips for reviewing products to promote on your site.

If you are looking for ways or ideas on how to make some money off your blog, subscribe below, leave me a comment, and i’ll get back to you asap.



I’m part of a couple of networks that could interest you, if not, then just ask me anything you need, and I’ll try to find it if I don’t know it for you, or guide you to the other options and advice on how you can start your own blogging “career”.



Thanks for reading!

to living a flip flop life!