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So what does  Living a flip flop life really mean?  Its really simple..


The motto “Living a flip flop life ” came to me, when I found myself wearing my flip flops, daily since the day I lost my 9-5 corporate job.

Since the day I decided I wanted to work from home, making an income online.  I didn’t have to wear any shoes for anything.


My routine working from home, and then walking my dog at the beach (200 meters away from me ) seemed normal, but also comfortable.


Then it came to me.  What a beautiful feeling.  Not to worry about what to wear, and just be.  This for me felt a little like freedom.  Living free is something I want to experience more in my life.


So my motto, is to be free!  You were born FREE.  Be who you want to be.  Follow your dreams.  Do what you love doing!  Create a life you want.  Its as simple as that.


I’ve been where you’ve been.  I can help you get to where you want to get.  I have the proof of my own life experiences which I will share with you, together with my own transformation in enjoying life as much as possible.


So would you like more information on how to live your life free and take action?


I thank you for reading my article on “So What does living a flip flop life really mean?“…



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