DSC01839I started as an Affiliate Marketer not long ago. It was like a calling for me.


From whatever I was doing in my life at that time, everything lead me back to being an Affiliate Marketer, and it doesn’t seem it’s like a fad or a thing that’s going to pass for me, but actually this is here for life, for me.   I feel I just leveled up in this blog game.



My passion, has created my true Dream Job, YES.  I’m here for good.  I’m here to stay, I’m here to expand, but in order to expand, and grow, I need to change.  I love this job.



I’m a dreamer, I’m a dream chaser, and I want you to be inspired as well.





DSC_0511Well what’s not to love about this job?   You basically work from home, on your own time, and make money while you sleep.   Why wouldn’t I tell you about this? I’m still in the growing phase.  I’m still in semi puberty.  Not fully, since I have a good background in “Marketing” in general, but this online thing?  Oh My. LOVE IT.



I’ve well established myself as a good marketer, with good strong background experience in all of this.   So I need to take advantage of this, and the great thing is I’m taking action and advantage of this opportunity as we speak. Once you connect with me, you’ll understand the possibilities you can have doing what I’m doing.



So in order to SERVE you better, I’ve made a few minor changes in my blog and website.



10585424_10152622260560792_1614795565_n My plan and vision  here is to help whoever is into this niche market I’m interested in (Affiliate Marketing / Online Marketing), show them what I did, see the results I’ve had,  and be part of this lifestyle as well.  It’s as simple as that.   If I manage to get people to follow my steps, then my job is satisfying as well as profitable.



The more under my belt, the stronger I’ll be in the market.    There are another millions of me online doing what I’m doing.  The only difference is that everyone has a unique approach to this.   My plan is to differentiate as well.



I feel my style is different.  If you are here reading this, you are probably captivated already, cause I’m REAL.  You’ll see grammar mistakes here and there, but that’s because I’m human.  I’m more focused on giving you the right valuable information and not something I can make a quick buck on.



I’ve put myself and my wallet on the line here. I’ve used my self in a few programs to show my readers, my followers what works and what doesn’t.  No I’m  not going to bash the ones that didn’t work for me.  That’s not my ideology.



I’m not saying one is better than the other either, that only attracts the wrong kind of people on my blog.   I prefer having people, with logic, with integrity and a hunger to do things and take action and not judge or criticize.   I’m one of those people.  I’m not scared.



I’ve been blessed with the right people in my life to guide me to where I am now, and I’m proud I can be helpful to some other “me”, cause like I mentioned before, there are a million of “me’s” in this world, I know this, cause I followed someone elses exact steps to get where I am today.



Mentoring from the best is what someone needs in this business to actually succeed.  I promise you that.  Better follow someone elses “success” than reinventing the wheel.  You can reinvent the way you market things. That would be cool, but to follow someone elses steps, in an over the shoulder way…. well that only leads to success.



Now the only thing left is how much work and time and investment are you going to put? .  It all comes down to that.

So this is the deal


So I’ve done some major changes lately. I’m focusing more on helping others move forward with their online business, or blog.  I’m going to begin some webinars at some point, and will be providing some top-notch valuable information  you can use in the online marketing world, for you , your business, or your blog.



I’ve also, changed many of the products I was promoting, and part of just one community and program that is helping out on my career at the moment.   My website previously started looking like a big billboard of different items to promote, and believe you me, that wasn’t my plan.



That was going the opposite direction I visioned when I first started this business.   So yea, NO more FLASHY LIGHTS and Crazy banners for you to MAKE you go and buy.  I don’t want to take that route either.  Subliminal-Messages-Television-Advertising   I want to help you, and by helping you I will be profitable in other ways.  You’ll find out more about this  and what I do exactly,  once you sign up to my blog.  Yes this is the change. 



Any information needed on how to follow my steps, must go through signing up to me.  I’ll be sharing valuable information and articles such as these in my blog, but the real work will be done privately with me.



A great affiliate marketing tip is to be able to  control your list and know who is serious about joining.   Another tip is to give valuable information and tools to my readers to come back for more.  And I will do that.  I’m doing all this so I can have a better organized group so I can help the ones that really need the help on a one on one basis.


So thank you again for all that are following me, just wanted to give you a big update if you noticed any small changes I’ve made in my site.  For more information, please don’t forget to sign up to me below, and you’ll get steps on what to do next, etc.

dpapa To living a flip flop life!