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They started seeing affiliate commissions on Warrior+.    We know you are used to seeing $30,000 screenshots on popular offers but all too often it’s simply unrealistic for the average Jane & Joe. 


$175.47 may not be a million bucks, but for many people (like us), the thought of a few hundred dollars in a day or two with minimal effort would be significant.
We wanted to demonstrate what is actually possible for people starting from scratch without any prior following or resources.   And this isn’t just for promoting affiliate offers.

That’s just one example from one campaign.   After going through these methods myself, I can say that they can be leveraged by any business in the world.    Plain and simple, YOU can RANK on MULTIPLE page one listings, and you do it by using ONE super simple process.

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You will not see a more effective way to rank on Google. This is the number one strategy right now in the world!  Everything  is broken down into new strategies that no one is talking about in the marketing world.   You get 5 sources of traffic to help you rank your content, without the need of a website or domain.   Perfect for affiliate marketing. 

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