This new software is going nto allow you to quickly and effortlessly turn text into videos. It then enables you to distribute these basic videos across Social Media with ease.  You can take a look at the software below in my personal review and test run with the software.

The software doesn’t just stop there though.  You can create a wide range of videos within this software with text or without text. You can also add different styles of text, combine multiple video clips and generate a number of unique videos. ALSO one killer feature is the ability to add attention grabbing text to the top and the bottom of each video.

Four Short Steps To PROFITABLE Video In Minutes Without Any Technical Skills — Or Even Your Own Content!

Step #1

Login to the secure, cloud-based dashboard. Setup your profile & integrations with YouTube & Amazon (optional) – you’ll only have to do this once.

Click ‘create video’ to get started!

Step #2

Pick a title… then things get REALLY fun. Enter ANY online url to have a video made from PRE-EXISTING content. Or paste your own content to have the software build you a unique video using the built-in stock footage  Just in case you missed that.  YES you can create videos from ANY content you find online! Endless possibilities, zero need to create content and customize everything.

Step #3

Customize For Your Very Own Unique Videos.
Whether you choose existing content from any url, or your own – you’ll next see a 2-screen canvas where you control the show.

The complete content will appear on the left – and you can choose EXACTLY which elements you want in your video.

Which means you can INSTANTLY create fully-custom videos from existing web content, your own content … or ANY combination.

Step #4

Edit & Produce Your Video The software automatically creates frames that make up your video.  Your text is automatically added into each frame. Each frame is ready For you to add images, text, music and video footage.  Customize For 100% Unique Videos That Drive. Clicks & Maximize Conversions:

After previewing, hit render and you’ll be notified by email when your video is ready.

INSTANTLY upload to YouTube, your Amazon S3 account … or direct download to use on FB, Instagram, your own sites or anywhere you like!

All your videos will remain inside your dash so you can repurpose them for future campaigns.

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