Conversion Masters, is a new training course by Dimitris Skiadas, teaching everything you need to know about Google Analytics.  If you don’t know what Google Analytics is, then you should continue reading.   Basically, you will be able to actually , build and grow your business online, by learning how to study Google Analytics! Everything you do , on line, should be tracked and you should be able to know where you are wasting money on, when you are trying to drive traffic!

 So listen up, I didn’t really pay attention too much to Google Analytics, until I figured out, how much I was losing traffic, and money on the wrong targeting group, or now I know, which page works, and which doesn’t.  You really get a full on explanation on everything, and a walkthrough over the shoulders, by Dimitris Skiadas, showing you the ins and outs of Google Analytics.  You won’t find another training course, as deep as this one guaranteed.  Watch my video below so you can see why you should invest in your training and knowledge, and once you do that, you’ll be able to scale your business, to another level using these strategies!

What You Get Inside Conversion Masters

So this is what you will get when you decide to invest today in Conversion Masters:

7 Modules & 33 Videos of pure value, no fluff, full with actionable information you can use TODAY!
– You will learn how to install Google Analytics in your store & which are the metrics that will really help you scale your store
– How to setup goals in Google Analytics & see where people are dropping off.
– How to utilise the power of Google ads in your store – i will show you step-by-step how to setup campaigns in Google Search, Google Display, remarketing, Google Shopping, Gmail ads & Youtube ads!
– Which are the elements in your store that are hurting your conversions
– How to raise trustworthiness & authority of your store
– How to create an amazing customer experience for your first buyers and turn them into raving fans!
– How to build a branded store where you could sell later on for 6 or 7+ figures!
– How to identify which products are going to sell well before you even test them(HINT : i don’t even use Aliexpress at first place)
– How to identify which are the “buying interests” you need to target so you will stop wasting money
– How to scale your FB ads based on your Analytics data
– So much more

Here is everything that will happen for you:

If you follow his 7-step method, you will achieve 7 very predictable outcomes:

1. Your Analytics setup will be completely airtight.

Not one single visitor will ever “slip through the cracks,” and you will be tracking 100% of all activity happening on your website. You will be able to see real-time statistics as they are happening, and you will be able to retrieve old data at any time. This is a free service provided by Google and it works 24/7, even while you’re asleep.

2. Your traffic quality will increase immediately.

Too many Shopify store owners give up on their stores for good, when in reality their store is perfect; they just never managed to get the right people to see it! I will show you exactly how to go about getting your laser targeted demographic on to your site, so you can make a solid ROI on every click you get.

3. Your financial goals will be met.

Half the challenge in meeting your financial goals is actually setting them. Have you ever tried talking to your friends or family about money? It’s tough.

This conversation isn’t easy, not even when you’re talking to yourself. Lucky for you, Google’s got you covered. Their Analytics tools lets you set financial goals for your Shopify store (or any other kind of business). Inside, I’ll show you how to use it to keep yourself accountable – just like a Fortune 500 business would be.

4. Your profits will be scalable “on and off” at your will.

Need a vacation right now? You got it! Want more money for holiday shopping? Done! When you sell more, you can typically get a discount on whatever merchandise you have in stock. I’ll show you how you can not only make emergency cash by scaling your traffic up and down on demand, but I’ll also show you how you can leverage a high volume of sales to get better prices (and thus have an advantage on your competition).

5. You’ll be able to double your conversion rates within 30 days.

All I ask of you is just 30 days. Just one month to see real results. You’ve waited all your life, and there are just 30 days left until you crack the code on Shopify. Can you wait that long?

6. You’ll finally monetize Google ads like a pro.

The reason most people never delve into Google ads is because they’re so costly, that a very high amount of people have actually lost a substantial amount of cash on wasted Google ads.

If your traffic is running like a well-oiled mechanism, you get predictable results month after month. Let me show you how.

7. You’ll never lose another site visitor ever again.

I’ll show you how to use a stupid-simple tactic called “remarketing” (aka “retargeting”) to bring people back to your site once they’ve already left it. It converts like wildfire when done right, but you have to be careful with the steps you take to avoid losing money.

I’ll show you where the most common pitfalls are, and I’ll help you finesse your way around costly mistakes that you must know about.



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