4 figures in leads without an opt in? This is crazy.  I just came across this insane new strategy. It is from a product called Lead Vakuum. If you can believe it,  this process lets you get leads from any website without an opt in! 

Now the other crazy thing is that I actually knew about this method, a couple of months now, which was shared by another top Marketer that I network with. He asked me to keep this a secret, I did…but I did share it with a handful of my own students.   

The reason why, is because I’m always here to help out the ones that will take action.  These handful of students, earned this secret because I know they will put it to the test and get results similar to what you’re seeing below from using the Lead Vakuum Method. 



Now what I offered is half of what is being offered inside Lead Vakuum.  The method teaching you how you can utilize this new source of traffic, that you can build a list from , and promote any type of affiliate offer you want, or any business.  Doesn’t matter, now you have the power to do so. 



Building a list is essential to any success online.  I can only promise you this.  If you’re not focusing on building a list, then start now.  When you start building a list, you’ll then have to go through the problem of making this list convert for you.  99% of businesses building list, know that  getting a 50% conversion on an opt in page to a list requires a lot of testing.

With the Lead Vakuum process they are getting 83.4% of visitors on a list WITHOUT any testing on the page.  The people that get on the list love it!   Those put on lists with the Lead Vakuum method are opting out less than the traditional way.

This process is nuts and it works.  Check out my video below to learn more about what you’re getting inside Lead Vakuum. 

My Lead Vakuum walkthrough and review + revealing my exclusive bonuses

What Is Lead Vakuum Exactly?

Within the last couple of weeks we’ve added 1,504+ people and counting on our email lists, legally, without them having to opt-in, buy anything or take any action! 

With the Lead Vakuum method, all of those leads get sucked up for you to then offer your products, affiliate products or whatever messages you want to communicate.


We have had ZERO flack with this.  Not one person complaining that we’ve emailed them.  Quite the opposite, they are actually thanking us!  With our easy to use process, the new lead that didn’t opt-in is IMMEDIATELY followed up with.

When people see your IMMEDIATE email after they visited your site, they are shocked. They have never seen this before. They are like WOW, look at this! 

They’ll say: “This is a fantastic response that was instant! 

What kind of sorcery is this?

How did they know I was on their site?

They must be next level.”

They are happy you contacted them! It May Sound Cliche But Lead Vakuum Is A Genuine “Game-Changer.”

Any marketer that uses this method can beat any other marketer in his space that doesn’t.

That is the truth.

If you use this, you can get more leads & results than your competitors can physically acquire given the same traffic to the same page.

You have an upper-hand that is basically impossible for them to achieve without using the exact same method. We break it all down and show you that with less than 10 minutes work you can set this all up. 

Lead Vakuum is the process we use, we tested it, it is killing anything else out there right now for strategies, and we are exposing it to you.



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