So you may or may not know this, but the largest “buyer” search engine in the world is Amazon. If someone is on there, they are a buyer – the EXACT person you want to target.    But here’s the problem – “selling” on amazon is an exhausting, expensive and LUCK driven job (yeah those guys teaching you sales on amazon won’t usually expose this reality).  About 4 weeks ago an old friend of mine (Bill) and I were catching up on all the different things we are currently doing.  He mentioned something really interesting – he is getting Amazon to do ALL the work, and paying him over $4400 every month for 6 words per page.

I’ll be honest it really confused me at first. I had no idea there was a way to get Amazon to pay you like this. I thought the closest you could get to it was by pumping out books to publish on Kindle and hope you’d get somewher (honest truth: most kindle books don’t make enough to justify the effort).

But here’s Bill, pumping out silly little books with literally BLANK page, just 6-10 words per page, and making $4k-$7k
per month with it.


Ever since we spoke about it, I’ve been harassing him to put this into a course and some pre-done templates. And that day is finally here.   Very rarely does a UNIQUE method show up in this space, and this is among the best I’ve ever seen. You can easily add an extra $20-$200 per day to your income on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT. In fact, I’m working with Bill to set up some of these for myself already!


Watch how i’m creating my own book in less than 10 minutes below 

What Is Kindle Kings Really About?



This is a proven to work method of real passive income, selling low content books (such as notebooks, planners etc.) on Amazon.

With a proven Step-by-Step System you can create your own Publishing Empire.



Unlike drop shipping for example where your profits stop when you stop creating new listings, with Kindle Direct Publishing, you create the books once and sell it over & over again. That is the definition of passive income.


Unlike writing a novel which could take months or years, low content books take around an hour to be created, and if you have some interiors and covers (we have created them for your subscribers in our Upsells), it could literally take no more than 5′ for each book.


Kindle Kings Front End – $12.95

  • 15 Training Videos
  • How To Find Hot Niches & Create Their Books
  • How To Create The Cover
  • How To Create the Interiors
  • How To List The Book On KDP
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Marketing The Books


Interiors can take a really long time to create. We offer 101 interiors to your subscribers covering all the hot niches and types of books(journals, planners, notebooks etc.)



Like the interiors, these can also take a lot of time to create. Not all of us are designers, meaning that this upsell will be useful to the most of the buyers.

+ Hot Niches Report with the hottest niches + Keyword Research with more than 2,500 keywords for those niches


Advanced training on topics like keyword research, more ways to sell the books(a hack!) and more.

  • ​​The Solutions To The Major Problems In KDP.
  • How To Grow Your KDP Bookshelf In Thousands Of Books Fast.
  • ​How To Create The Best KDP Listings That Are Destined To Sell.
  • ​How To Expand Your Sales Outside Amazon.
  • ​A Hack To Maximize Your Profits.

2-On-1 Coaching 

We will share with your subscriber the most advanced secrets and tactics when it comes to Low Content Book Publishing.

That is alone a huge Value service to give! 

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