Keyword tool for marketing is essential to any website wanting to get free traffic from search engines.  You can’t basically get good ranking if you don’t use a keyword search tool…If you are in DS Domination, and you are listing your items on Ebay, then Jaaxy might be the best tool to use. It will help you sell your items over your competitors. If you are using Adwords Keyword Tool, then you already know that anything free won’t get you all the information you need.

Each article would be a guess on what your target audience is looking for.   In my review of the best keyword tool I am working with right now, I will show you why it is the best engine keyword tool for getting your items on eBay ranked, or getting your blog article ranked, or when you are creating a website, or niche website, really whatever, Jaaxy could be for you.
I also want to show you how using this keyword tool will bring your more traffic to your website or blog or eBay listing.

So let’s take a quick look inside Jaaxy.

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You can sign up for the free account, which gets you 30 free searches.  Jaaxy has a lot of features once your upgrade to premium.


Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.33.02 μ.μ.

I would suggest starting off with the free trial,  and then you can decide if this works or not.

Just keep in mind that in the free, everything is basically limited.

I had to test it out myself, and now I’m a monthly subscriber and unlocked everything in Jaaxy.  No more limited searches.

Using Jaxxy helps you rank high in google search

Jaaxy helps you get on google page 1 ranking

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Well by giving  you insights with detailed information about your competition, and what keywords not to use in your blogs or websites.  You want specific keywords that will help you gfet ranked high in Google.  I guarantee that if you use Jaaxy properly, you will be able to get your blog or website on page one of google search rankings.

What kind of Jaaxy data do you get?

Below are brief explanations on what each column depicts.  It’s important to understand this so you can perform awesome search results by my favorite Keyword tool (Jaxxy)

Each number in red,  in the screenshot below depicts the info below.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.14.15 π.μ.

1) Monthly Searches

This tells you how many people are searching for the term each month. Higher is better because there’s more interest in the keyword.

2) Estimated Traffic

This will tell you how much traffic you can expect if you rank on page one. There are 10 spots on page one, and whether or not a person clicks your site depends on the title, meta, and other factors. Again, a higher number is better.

3) QSR (Quoted Search Result)

This is your competition. Lower is better. This is a piece of data that no other keyword tool in the world offers. The QSR is the number of websites with this exact phrase on their site. This is your true competition.

Under 300 is a medium-competition keyword. Under 200 is a low competition keyword. I suggest you use anything under 300.

4) KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

This is a broad look at all factors related to the keyword. Green means it’s a good keyword to target (high chance of ranking). Yellow is just an average keyword, and red means you can safely skip this one or it may take much longer to rank.  So when choosing you keyword I suggest you go with Green.

5) SEO Power

Also contributing to the KQI, SEO power tells you how easily an SEO optimized post/article will rank. Generally speaking, longer keywords will have a higher power than shorter ones because they are more specific and less competitive.  I suggest using a high no. such as 87 and up.

6) Domain Availability

This will tell you which domains are available for a specific keyword. Exact match domains still rank well despite recent Google updates!

I don’t use this feature a lot because I don’t buy domains much, but for someone buys domains wholesale, creates lots of niche websites, or creates websites for other people, it’s cool that you don’t have to open up a domain registrar in another tab to check domain availability.

7) To Do

An easy way to add something to your To-Do List.

8) Save Selected

A great way to compile keyword lists. High traffic, low competition keywords are in demand for online marketers.  I have my lists saved for each of my campaigns.   When you sign up for free, you’ll be able to save your history search and your lists to use even when your done with your 30 free searches.

Create lists to offer as bonuses to your readers, or use them to lay out the beginning structure for a niche website you want to create. Create a new list each time, or save to an existing list.

You can see that this keyword tool is pretty much my best keyword tool for my own search results.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.53.57 μ.μ.

The reason being is because it has a high monthly search result its in the green, its got little competition using this phrase, and it basically perfect to use for this specific review.

Video: Watch my walk-through in using Jaaxy

I’ve taken the time to create a video walk-through of what to expect when signing up to Jaaxy.  It’s a simple video, depicting how Jaaxy works once you sign up for your free trial.

Not Part of Wealthy Affiliate Anymore.  Just putting it out there.  I’ve chosen to go through the independent route, and joining DS Domination.   

Take her for a Ride !

Take her for a spin! Get 30 free searches in Jaaxy without even giving over your credit card. Use what you learned here today and see what you can find.

I’m not going to go in detail about the other features that Jaaxy offers , such as the extra training, tips, and the affiliate program joining  Jaaxy, where you’ll be generating residual income online by promoting this program.   As I am now.   But seriously, would I go Pro if i didn’t believe in this product?  


What I liked about Jaaxy the most ?

  Provides keyword search results giving the user the following information:

    • # of monthly searches
    • Estimated traffic
    • QSR – Quality Search Results: this is the number of competing web pages using the exact same term in Google
    • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator: Uses “traffic-light” snapshots: green is great, orange is ok, and red is poor
    • SEO Power – provides a score based on the traffic, the Quality Search Result and the competition.  Provides a scale of 1 – 100, the higher the better (i.e. green is great)    
    • Domain Availability – shows all “dot” extensions
    • Domain Search – find out if the keyword search domain is available
    • To Do and Save – allows you to keep your individual keyword searches organized so you can come back later
    • Brainstorm Queue – shows a separate column of related keywords






    Start Free: trial Jaaxy with 30 free searches to determine its value to you  Join here    

    $19.00/month Join here    

    $49.00/month (limited time) Join here


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    My Recommendation


    This Keyword tool is a fast, efficient workhorse that provides users the keyword information they need, immediately.  Whether you are looking for your niche or a low-competition keyword for your newest post, Jaaxy delivers.  


    The save function is extremely useful as search results are quickly delivered and, oftentimes, provides additional suggestions.  Being able to save and continue searching gives you incredible keyword lists in a very short period of time.    

    Jaaxy allows users to spend your time where you need to… building your niche website with competitive keywords.       It’s working for me  and my listing on Ebay through Ds Domination and I know that it will work for you.      


    Thanks for reading my personal review on the Keyword Tool  Jaaxy .    Don’t forget to comment and subscribe below.  


    To living a flip flop life